Avon Representatives Support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!


The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is more than halfway through its ninth season, with the Houston; Washington, DC; Boston; Chicago; Rocky Mountains; and San Francisco Walks already behind us. It’s been a fantastic season and so far in 2011, Avon Walkers and Crew have raised more than $20 million to fight breast cancer and provide access to care for all, regardless of their ability to pay. And many of those participants are Avon Representatives.

A new diagnosis of breast cancer occurs every three minutes. This is a disease that won’t go away unless we fight it with our funds and support. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer’s success depends on dedicated supporters, their friends and family. This year, Avon Representatives have been working hard to raise much-needed funds for the cause. Special thanks goes out to official Team Avon Walkers and Crew Members across the United States who, together, have raised more than $135,000 to date — including the Avon Bluebonnet Crusaders (Houston), Team Avon*Making a Difference (Boston) and the Team Avons from Morton Grove and Springdale (both for Chicago) — as well as the many amazing Representatives who participated on their own, or on other teams at our first six Avon Walks this season.

We look forward to seeing Team Avons from New York, Suffern, Zanesville and Atlanta, and all of the other members of the Avon family who will be joining us for the final three Avon Walks later this year. If you are interested in being a Team Avon captain for the Avon Walk in New York, or if you want to join one of the existing teams, please Register.

Since launching in 2003, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer series has raised more than $400 million through the dedication of more than 145,000 participating women and men from across the country, including thousands of Avon Associates and Representatives.

We’re calling on you to help us continue this success by visiting www.avonwalk.org or calling 1-888-541-WALK (9255) to register to walk with Team Avon, to volunteer or donate to any of the remaining Avon Walks this year: Santa Barbara (September 17–18); New York (October 15–16); and Charlotte (October 22–23).

If you’ve already registered to walk this year, it’s not too late (or too early) to share your experiences with your friends and family. Encourage them to either walk with you or donate to support your walk! Consider “publicizing” your involvement via your social networks on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re still fund-raising for an upcoming Walk, tell everyone! If you’ve just finished your longest training walk, tell people how you feel. Sharing your experiences on your social networks may open up a world of new donors and supporters. You can also send out a press release to your local newspaper or alumni magazine. (Registered Avon Walkers can access a template press release in their online participant center.)

Are you unable to participate in a walk but still want to help? You can still support the cause and help the Avon Foundation raise much-needed funds by selling our pink products. And if you missed a walk near you this year, don’t worry! It’s not too early to register for any of the nine Avon Walks in 2012! Just go to avonwalk.org to register.

Don’t forget: You can keep up with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer by following us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/avonwalks) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/avonwalks)!

Thank you again to all of the Avon Representatives who are such dedicated supporters of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

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