A good smelling man improves his self-esteem and makes him more attractive

Here are a few basic daily practices.


1. Shower with a Hair & Body Wash. Lather from head to toe with the masculine scent of Wild Country that lasts throughout the day and into the night. Regular Price: $6.50, incredible value $1.69.


2. Use an After Shave Conditioner. Don’t ditch the razor; pursue better post-op care. The masculine scent of Wild Country’s soothing conditioner calms and moisturizes skin for an allover cool effect. Regular Price: $5.00, incredible value $1.69.


3. Use a Talc Powder. Powder eliminates moisture, which can make you smell bad. Moisture is most common around the genital area. Foot powder, in particular, is an important part of any grooming kit. Lively bergamot and coriander blended with fresh, aromatic tones of Wild Country. Regular Price: $4.00 incredible value $1.69.


4. Use an Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. Otherwise, you will almost certainly have body odor from the armpits. Make heated moments a bit seductive. The roll-on anti-perspirant helps you keep cool. Bonus size deodorant with the same great formula you love that’s non-whitening, quick drying and anti-staining. Wild Country Bonus Size Roll-On Item # 608656. Reg. $1.99, Sale $1.49. SPECIAL – SAVE 25%! 


5. Don’t overdo cologne sprays. Capture a rugged essence with a vibrant mix of grasses, spicy coriander, and powdery tones. SCENT SENSE: WILD COUNTRY Cologne Spray (Item # 086466) is a fougére scent. Masculine with aromatic freshness of lavender and oakmoss.

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