Hello ladies, who purchase products for their significant other, your teenage sons?


Let me show you the new X-series by Avon. X-SERIES Deodorant Body Spray. 24-hour deodorant protection. Each, 4 oz. net wt. Price: special $4.99 each. Will be $7.50. Experience the it in different scents:

  • FEARLESS & WOODY. X-Series Quake. Go to the extreme with this fearless, woody scent.
  • BOLD & IRRESISTIBLE. X-Series Rush. Live life on the edge with this bold, irresistible scent.
  • MASCULINE & REFRESHING. X-Series Flash. Shift into high gear with this masculine, refreshing scent.
  • COOL & INVIGORATING. X-Series Wave. Ride into the wild blue with this invigorating green scent.

Dare to Compare: If you like AXE† Deodorant Sprays

  • If you enjoy fresh, clean fougère fragrances like AXE Clix should try Avon’s X-Series Quake or Wave. 
  • If you enjoy fresh oriental fragrances like AXE Kilo should try Avon’s X-Series Rush. 
  • If you enjoy invigorating citrus fragrances like AXE Twist should try Avon’s X-Series Flash.
Teens are interested in developing their grooming regimens beyond basic toiletry use. Our body sprays combine light scent with deodorant protection–perfect for teens. They are less expensive options than colognes and so affordable. You can keep one in your gym bag, school locker and the car. Order the scents for your spouse, sons, grandson, nephew etc.?

“I’m loving X-Series! Subtle and not at all overpowering, it’s PERFECT for teens starting to experiment with men’s fragrances.”
Brand Ambassador Lianne Farbes, The Makeup Girl (www.themakeupgirl.net)

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†AXE is a trademark of Conopco, Inc. 

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