Things to consider BEFORE becoming an Avon sales representative.

The Avon Opportunity

  • Have you ever tried Avon products? Do you like the products? Would you feel comfortable recommending them to a friend? That’s what direct sales (or ‘social selling’) is all about!
  • Are you looking to make some extra cash for college expenses, to pay for a vacation or buy a new car? You buy the products wholesale, 20% – 50% off prices seen on my Avon website. You can offer family, friends and prospects discounts or sell at brochure prices. How much you make is up to you! And you could get to see and try new products a good month before the public see them.
  • Ask yourself how hard you like to work? You can sell part-time or build a business working full-time. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and set realistic goals for yourself. You are in control of how you run your business. BUT Avon offers great training or support materials too!
  • If you don’t want to social sell, you could leave brochures at the grocery store, restaurants, doctors office, etc. Avon also gives each representative a website to sell through. Social networks offer great ways to promote online selling.
  • Do you see yourself as a leader? Do you like to help others develop themselves and succeed? While Avon primarily promotes and incentivize Representatives based on their sales to Customers, they do offer additional earnings for building a team, up to five generations.

If you want to get started today, you can sign up online. Go to and complete the information. To be part of my team, you need to input my reference code in the appropriate field: nrago. Once you fill out the contract and pay the $15 fee, a kit will then be shipped directly to you! If you have questions when filling it out, please do not hesitate to Contact Me!

Nancy Rago
AVON Leadership Representative

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