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REACH® Unflavored Waxed Floss


Formulated with advanced technology that helps remove plaque between teeth and under the gum line.

REACH Professional Interdental Brush WideREACH Professional Interdental Brush Extra TightREACH Professional Interdental Brush TightREACH Professional Floss Picks

REACH® Interdental Brush (Wide, Extra Tight & Tight) REACH® Professional Soft Picks

• New advanced technology helps remove plaque
• Recommended by dental professionals
• Soft Picks: Sturdy and easily fits between teeth. Dented handle for a better grip.
• Interdental Brush: Helps clean hard-to-reach spots and removes up to 30% more plaque compared to brushing alone. Customized for different spaces between teeth. Specially coated wire for gum protection

REACH® Mint Waxed FlossREACH® Unflavored Waxed Floss

REACH® Waxed Floss Mint & Unflavored

• Cleans between teeth and under the gum line
• Removes plaque and food particles for a clean feeling
• Dental floss is waxed for easy use
• Floss is designed to easily slide between teeth
• Accepted by the American Dental Association

LISTERINE® Ultraclean Mint Floss

LISTERINE® Ultraclean Mint Floss

• Great for tight spaces and people who have dental work
• Micro Grooves technology to provide greater plaque removal
• Stretches and slides easily between teeth without shredding
• Gentle on gums
• Removes up to 2X more plaque and slides as easily as GLIDE® Original Mint

LISTERINE® Cool Mint Floss

LISTERINE® Cool Mint™ Floss

• Removes up to 61% more plaque than GLIDE® Mint Floss
• Designed with extra flavor for a clean, fresh-breath feeling
• Waxed coating improves sliding, plus it’s shred-resistant, soft and flexible

LISTERINE® Ultraclean Access Flosser Kit

LISTERINE® Ultraclean® Access® Flosser

• Great for those with limited dexterity and first-time floss users
• Easily gets to 100% of HARD TO REACH PLACES®
• Long, ergonomic handle and non-slip grip

LISTERINE® Ultraclean Access Mint Flosser Refill

LISTERINE® Ultraclean® Access® Flosser Refills

• Packs of 28 disposable floss head refills, in mint and unflavored
• Easily get to 100% of hard-to-reach places with these mint-flavored floss heads
• Features high-tenacity yarn to withstand breakage
• For use with LISTERINE® Ultraclean® Access® Flosser

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