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Frequently Asked Question about Selling Avon


Selling Avon FAQs

If you join my Avon team, I will mentor you on how to shop Avon at wholesale prices and/or run a successful beauty business. My goal is to inspire Passionately Avon Team Members with ideas on how use their personal discount on products and provide the ways selling to others to earn some extra money. I look for people who are self-motivated and have an entrepreneurial drive or mindset. I want my team members to be successful at selling Avon. Here are some FAQs about selling Avon.

What do I get when I sign up?

In a few easy steps, you can become an Avon Independent Sales Representative and start your own business when you sign up with Avon.

Our starter collection gives you an incredible set of favorite products in full and sample sizes plus product-packed brochures (catalogs) to share. Please allow two business days for your Starter Collection to ship. Delivery is based on your zip code and can take between 5-7 business days.

Our other sign-up options of $0 sign-up or a contribution to the American Cancer Society* (ACS) get you started with your own online store and digital tools, but do not include a starter collection, brochures or samples.

You’ll also get great rewards with your first order: A free gift product ($37 value) when you place a first order of any amount, plus a $10 credit to use for your next campaign order when the first order is $60+.

* The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service. Your ACS contribution will be aggregated and sent to ACS in a lump sum amount.

To get more information about the options, go to https://wp.me/P3cz54-G3

I’ve never done this before. What business support do I receive when I sign up?

All Representatives receive FREE online support, training, social media tips and lots more to help you get your beauty business started:

  • A personalized online store your customers can shop from 24/7
  • Our user-friendly mobile app so you can sell anywhere on the go
  • Cutting-edge marketing tools to help you connect with more customers online
  • Best-in-class online training to build skills at your own pace right from home
  • Access to a community of amazing and supportive beauty lovers
  • A great incentive to help you earn bonus commissions and free exclusive product collections in your first two months.
  • Expert customer service support through our Avon Care Center
  • Exclusive discounts for a wide variety of services and offers via our LG Partners Mall and Avon Perks programs

How do I earn and get paid?

First off, you’ll get 25% off your own orders of $40+ of beauty products (that includes makeup, skin care, personal care, health and wellness and more) as an Avon Representative, and you’ll earn 25% commission on beauty orders of $40+ from customers.

Getting paid is simple. You’ll get most of your earnings — from your online store orders, bonuses, incentive pay-outs, account credits, etc. — paid quickly and easily through the Avon Wallet payment portal.

For orders you deliver, your commissions are based on the difference between the discounted amount you pay and the full price your customer pays you. For example, you sell a lipstick to a customer for $10.00. If your commission level is 40%, you pay Avon $6.00, plus tax, and the rest is your profit.

Am I required to be connected to a Leader/Mentor?

As a successful Avon Representative, I am a Passionately Avon Team Leader who will share my tips and guidance and give you extra support to help you succeed.

I invite your to join the Passionately Avon Team, just enter my name (Nancy Rago) or referral code (nrago) during your sign-up with Avon.

If you don’t want to sign up under someone, no worries — it’s not required. Just leave the field blank and the company may assign you to a mentor at random later but I look forward to becoming your Leader/Mentor.

How often do I have to place customer orders?

Order as often as you want, whenever you want! As a successful Avon Representative, I place orders each campaign (every two weeks), as well as share my online store (youravon.com/nrago) link for 24/7 sales and commissions. To keep your account active and to stay up-to-date, I suggest placing an order in each campaign.

Do I pay for shipping or do customers pay a shipping fee?

Customers can choose to order through your personalized online store and have the order shipped directly to their door. Online customers receive FREE SHIPPING with any $60 order. For online orders under $60, the customer pays the flat rate of $8. While Avon continues to pick up most of the actual shipping costs, the shipping fee for online $60 orders are shared by you & Avon so your commission is adjusted $8 on those online Direct Delivery orders. Representatives who place a home delivery product/selling tools order for themselves and their face-to-face customers pay a $8 shipping & handling fee. To help cover the Representatives shipping fee, you can add a nominal Service Charge to each face-to-face delivery order to help spread out the costs for Avon shipping fees, delivery fuel and handling costs. The default fee is $.75 but you can choose a service charge fee amount to best meet your own business needs. Online customers have the option to choose Representative Delivery. These orders are drafted to your order cart to submit as part of your Avon Representative order. There are additional shipping surcharges applied to orders going to Alaska and Hawaii addresses.

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay by credit card, directly from your checking account, or using PayPal. Your earnings from online store orders, Leadership bonuses, incentive cash pay-outs, account credits can be used to pay down your account balance or set up for auto-transfer to preferred accounts like banking, PayPal, Venmo, or prepaid credit card. Some Representatives find Avon’s “No Credit Line” challenging to run their Avon business but I like to point out that this is a common policy for most other direct selling companies and a standard business practice. Collecting an upfront payment from customers may be something that they are more used to than you think. Most customers will have no problem paying for their items when they give you their order and it will become easier in time. Avon Reps have a two-week campaign period to take their face-to-face orders and collect payment from your customers. Join My Avon Team and I will show you how to sell, keep your finances in order, and get your business off to a successful start! Go to avon.com/becomearep?rep=nrago so you’re linked to my team.

Other question I’ve been asked on my leader/mentor calls?

  • What will happen next? As your Avon Leader/Mentor, I’ll welcome you to the Avon team and begin to share my tips and guidance to help you get your business off to a successful start. You should personalize your online store next and then let family and friends know about your new beauty business.
  • How do I purchase brochures? You can place a home delivery of brochures through your online representative website. Beginning in Campaign 8, 2023 (4/12/23), the English and Spanish brochures are available for purchase in packs of 10 for $6.75 and the Avon Brochure will change to a bigger size (6×9) starting. I encourage customers to shop online by sharing our award-winning, shoppable Digital Brochure.
  • How much are samples? Avon has many samples available at nominal cost range. An example is $1.75 for 5pc fragrance vial-on-card sample pack. Samples are a win-win…fun freebies for your customers, and potential full-size sales for you! Avon offer fragrance samples, makeup samples, skin care samples.
  • Are there other selling tools? We have optional tools to purchase like flyers, shopping bags, and fundraising kits.
  • What kind of training is available? With sign up, you gain access to AVON U, a FREE online learning center designed to inspire and support you and your beauty business. Avon meetings and conventions are optional attendance but are always full of inspiration and motivation. They generally include social selling business-building seminars, introductions of new product launches, and recognition events for top Representatives.
  • Is selling Avon hard? Truth be told, there is no such thing as instant success. A good outcome takes time, effort, and patience. Most importantly, it takes the willingness and dedication to try new things and stick it out. My first year was spent learning the beauty business, educating myself on the products, and perfecting my sales pitch. In year two, I saw customer and sales gains, as well as what worked and what did not. By my third year, I could see that I was making money, enjoyed the company’s new product innovations, as well as working with my customers.
  • How did you get started? I started by sharing brochures with family and friends and following up to see if they had product questions, needed product suggestions, or have orders.
  • What products do I focus on? Avon sells skincare, cosmetics, perfume, mens fragrances, shampoo, toothpaste, shoes, jewelry, bras, watches, and more. I would concentrate on selling skin care, makeup, personal care, health & wellness since these offer the largest commission levels.
  • How often do I need to order? You don’t have to place an order every campaign (every two weeks) but you will need to place an order every sixth campaign (every twelve weeks) to remain “Active”. There are no quotas to meet and the order size doesn’t matter but your commissions (discounts) are based on the published Avon 2022 Compensation Guide.
  • What was your most positive sales experience with Avon? I like people, people make me happy…the customers I serve and the success of my team members bring me happiness. After selling for 13 years, I have built a nice side-gig that yields additional income that has helped me save for retirement, build an emergency fund & cover my son’s college expenses. I’m also leading the Passionately Avon Team of like-minded people that adds to this income. My success came with truly loving Avon products and the company. I enjoy helping others start their own Avon businesses and accomplish things they never thought possible.

What’s involved in filling out my contract online?

In less than 10 minutes, you can have your contract finished. You will be answering some personal questions but once you have filled everything out, your Leadership Representative (me!) will also reach out to you, and help guide you as you set up your business and get ready to sell Avon. When you sign up to sell Avon, there are zero obligations. You are not required to buy anything additional and never required to keep a stock of products on hand. You can start selling and earn commissions/discounts by sharing your personalized online store link. I can signup people from anywhere in the contiguous United States so if you would like to sell Avon, become an Independent Avon Representative, and join my fantastic Passionately Avon Team, then go to avon.com/becomearep?rep=nrago.


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