Explore the Benefits of Being an Avon Representative

The Opportunity to be an Independent Sales Representative has been part of the Avon Legacy since 1886.

For 135 years, Avon has been empowering entrepreneurs and pioneering innovation in beauty. I am proud to be an Avon Independent Sales Representative since 2010 as the company celebrates this special milestone in 2021. If you love the company and its world-class beauty products, you might make a great Avon Rep, too. Buying Avon’s award-winning products at a discount for yourself, family and friends might be enough of a reason to become an Avon Representative. If you have the willingness and dedication to try new things, you can join me in making some extra cash and build your own beauty business. My personal success comes from truly loving Avon products and the company. I also enjoy helping others accomplish things they never thought possible. Avon is a well-known and trusted company, and offers easy ways to learn direct selling. It also can be lots of fun! You can start earning with a $0 (YES, IT’S FREE!), $5 or $30 investment at avon.com/becomearep?rep=nrago.

Here’s Eight Great Reasons to Sign Up to Sell Avon

  1. Avon Commissions & Sales Levels – Representatives buy products at a discounted rate. You get 25% off when you buy for yourself or earn a 25% commission on customer $40+ Beauty Orders. $40 Fashion & Home Product Orders get 20% commissions or discounts. So why pay retail when you can order your products at a wholesale price. You can yield money in your pocket when you sell customer orders at the retail price. New Representatives can earn up to $3,300 in commissions and bonuses by achieving all maximum sales targets in your first 8 campaigns. Plus you don’t have to place an order every campaign (every two weeks), but to keep your Representative Status Active you will need to place an order every sixth campaign (every twelve weeks). To remain Active, the order size doesn’t matter but your commissions or discounts are based on order size. Representatives get a free ecommerce website to sell online through and digital brochures to sell with. You also get a Rep dashboard for placing your face-to-face orders. Avon ships directly to you or your customers addresses.
  2. Try New Products Before Everyone Else – Avon Reps can order product demos before they are available publicly. You get to try the newest skin care and fragrance products, and wear the latest clothes and jewelry pieces. People will notice them and you will be able to answer their questions. Customers love seeing the newest products and it helps with future sales. Use it to gain new customers as while pursuing business goals with Avon. Avon samples are another great way to try new products at a low cost. Samples are fun freebies to offer your loyal customers. I see samples as a win-win in direct selling. I have converted many customers to a full-size product sale after sharing a sample with them.
  3. Rewards & Recognition – If your annual sales get to $5,000 you reach the Premier Sales Level and your commission/discounts get raised to 30% on Beauty Orders and 20% on Fashion and Home Orders. This is for every order, with no minimum. If you sell $10,000 in annual sales, you reach President’s Club Sales Level and earn 40% on Beauty and 25% on Fashion & Home Orders. This is the minimum you can earn and your commission can increase as you sell more. You have the opportunity to earn cool trips (Destination Avon to Dominican Republic in April 2021), earn cash bonuses and higher commissions as you hit your goals (Pathway to Premier show you how to earn $3,300 in your first four months), as well as move up and grow your business (earn bonuses and earnings when you join Avon Leadership and build a team).
  4. Fundraising – You can partner with a worthy organization, cause or charity and help them raise money. Avon Fundraising is an easy and super-rewarding way to grow your business while you connect with your community. It can help you to reach new customers and boost your potential sales and earning levels. Depending on the structure, you may not get commissions off the orders but it will count towards your sales goals and discounts.
  5. Avon Events & Conventions – There is nothing more fun than being together with your fellow Avon Ladies (and a few good Avon Men). Whether it’s a local or national event, in-person or virtual, Avon events offer previews to what’s coming up, tons of sales advice and tips from the experts, event-only product discounts, and even some prizes and giveaways. Some events are free or a low-cost with complimentary new products included with the registration fee.
  6. Exclusive Offers to Active Representatives – Extra income is just the start when you become an Avon Representative! You’ll also have access to unreal benefits and extras. AVON PERKS is a portal of exclusive offers and discounts on local, grocery, major brands, travel plus exclusive Avon Offers. AVON REWARDS its sales reps with amazing gifts of your choice as you hit goals. FREE ONLINE COURSES for growth and professional development through our education partner. 24/7 TELEMEDICINE access to licensed doctors, affordable health insurance and health care discounts.
  7. Avon’s Woman-to-Woman Support – Unique to Avon is our network of Representatives combined with our capacity to educate, engage and mobilize. Representatives make up a powerful grassroots movement that reaches across continents and time zones to raise awareness and funds for issues of health, safety and well-being that are important to women. Avon Representatives have raised hundreds of millions of dollars through sales of special products and personal participation in walks, runs and other events. Avon has contributed more than $800 million to breast cancer causes and funded nearly 20 million mammograms.
  8. Be Part of the Passionately Avon Team – You can be part of my amazing and supportive team. You can sell online or face-to-face, strive to be a top seller or enjoy the Avon discount for your own purposes. I can support team members from anywhere in the United States, are no sales territories. I will mentor you and share my tips on how to build a beauty business. When I joined Avon, I made a personal commitment to give it three years. The first year was spent learning the business and trying many things. The second year I saw gains, and began to see what worked and what did not. And by the third year I could see that I was making money and enjoyed the business and my customers. Fast forward ten years and I have built a nice side-gig that yields additional income. I’m also leading a team of like-minded people that adds to this income. Success is generally not instant, it takes time and patience. Most importantly, it takes the willingness and dedication to try new things and stick it out.

We All Have a WHY and You Can Make Yours Happen

Sign Up Today To Sell AVON for $5. Sign Up & Start Earning Now‎.

Currently you can join for $5 or contribute to the American Cancer Society breast cancer programs. These options do not include a kit, brochure or samples, but we’ll connect you to all the tools and training you need online. You can choose from three starter collections for $30, packed with favorite products in full and product-packed brochures (catalogs) to share, starting at a $112 value.

JOIN NOW AT avon.com/becomearep?rep=nrago get linked to my team. I can sign anyone up in United States. I will be your Avon Mentor and be there to help you get you started with your new Avon Opportunity. I will send the business tips to help you on the your way to success.

Your AVON Leadership Bronze Ambassador and Passionately Avon Team Mentor, Nancy Rago

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