Fundraisers for Local Organizations or Schools

Does your local clubs, schools, groups or teams need to raise money?


Avon Fundraisers United States USA Organizations Local Clubs Schools Groups Teams

Hello, my name is Nancy Rago, an Avon fundraising specialist. I would like to partner with your worthy organization and help you raise money with our easy steps and tools. I can help you find the best fundraising option that works to connect with your community. I am here to offer advice, support, and access to quality Avon products to help maximize your success. Your organization could get a quick cash boost in as little as three weeks!

I feel confident that Avon can help you meet your fundraising goals this year. Even small groups can have a profitable fundraiser! Earn up to 45% profit* with a customer-designed program to suit your organization’s needs with our best-selling Avon products. Did you know that the average Avon customer order is over $15?!

With Avon, a recognized and respected Company, your group can choose from two flexible options.

  • ONLINE FUNDRAISER: Get the full assortment of Avon’s quality products delivered directly to your patrons. I offer up to 35% profit* to your organization of what’s shopped through your customized URL link to my online store. Online fundraisers save work by Avon providing delivery directly to patrons.
  • FLYER FUNDRAISER: Receive up to 35% profit* on sales from our approved fundraising flyers featuring select product brands including Bug Guard, Avon Kids, Anew Hydra Fusion, Anew Mini Sizes, Skin So Soft, Moisture Therapy, and Avon True Color.

If you are a PTA/PTO President or Fundraiser Chairperson as well as any school group (band, cheerleaders, sports teams, drama clubs) that might do its own fundraising, I’d like to send you an information packet. I need your phone number, email address or mailing address to get you this information. And in order to serve you better, I’d like to know the following things about your organization’s needs:

  • When are you planning to hold your next fundraiser? Is there something you’re working on now?
  • How much would you like to raise with your next fundraiser?
  • How many participants are usually involved in your fundraiser?
  • What types of fundraisers have you had in the past? Were they successful?
  • What did you wish was different about them?

Contact Nancy, your Avon Fundraising Specialist

As your Avon Fundraising specialist, I will support and assist you throughout the process! If you are involved in fundraising and would like to contact me directly, my phone number is 973.714 .26 3 5.

Complete the below form and I’ll be in touch within 48hrs.

Thank you for considering me to help with your Avon Fundraisers United States USA Organizations Local Clubs Schools Groups Teams

* If 20 participants each have 10 customers with customer orders over $15 each, your total order of $3000 will yield a profit of $1,350. The percentage can vary depending on the product category purchased and fundraising material needed. Most Beauty & Jewelry products are in the 45% category but some Fashion & Home Products will be lower.


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