Selling as a Husband-Wife Team

Two’s Company Selling Avon

The Husband and Wife Selling Team approach brings help to run the business as well as a partnership to share in the happiness.


Some of the best teams in direct selling are husbands and wives. As a loving and caring couple, a husband/wife team can run a successful home-based business by sharing the workload of the building, running and recruiting for their business. And as unified business partners, they can keep each other focused, manage their time, motivate each other, set goals together and brainstorm ways to grow their business.

Read a few AVON husband and wife teams share their secrets to success:

  • Diane, Unit Leader, with her husband. TIP: Make mini challenges for yourself.
    “My husband has been my Super Avon Helper for 37 years. When I first started selling Avon, he’d pick out a product and challenge me to sell five. Those challenges helped me get to President’s Club!”
  • Kate, Senior Executive Unit Leader, with her husband. TIP: Keep looking for opportunities to educate yourself. Take advantage of free online training and Business Buzz.
    “My husband still encourages me to attend workshops, teach and train. He even put a sign on his pickup truck with our contact information to promote my Avon business!”
  • Rhonda, Senior Executive Unit Leader, with her husband. TIP: Try the products yourself and create testimonials. “My husband has helped in EVERY aspect of the business: deliveries, training and even applying one of our wrinkle-reducing skin care products to one side of his face, so Customers could see how well it worked!”
  • John, Senior Executive Unit Leader, with his wife. TIP: Training and motivation are key aspects of a successful business. “She does a lot of the training, and I focus on motivating Leaders. I recognize all that my wife does in this business. It’s so special being able to share the business with my spouse.”
  • Nancy, Unit Leader, with her husband. TIP: Don’t forget to have fun with your Avon business! “Fridays are Avon date nights! We deliver orders and brochures, then enjoy dinner together. Dave loves the products, and he’s one of my best Customers. He uses Avon cologne, deodorant and more!”


In 2021, AVON celebrates its 135th Anniversary! AVON is one of the oldest direct selling companies. I’m looking for dedicated and motivated couples interested in a business opportunity or that need to make a little extra money each month.

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