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Latest Women’s Fashion - Clothes & Lingerie by Avon Fashion


How to read care instructions?
Most of our apparel items include a small clothing tag with instructions on how to wash and care for the garment. Usually, these clothing tags include symbols indicating care instructions: The icon that looks like a bucket of water instructs how to wash the item. The square with a circle in the center instructs how to dry it, and the iron icon instructs how to iron it.

How to pick the right clothing size?
Please refer to the size guide provided for each garment on the item’s Avon.com page.

How to wash certain fabrics?
Different fabrics require different care. For proper care instructions, please refer to the item’s label or instructions underneath the “Care” section on the item’s page on Avon.com.

How do I care for my intimates?
We recommend you hand wash and line dry intimates such as bras, underwear and shape wear. For further care instructions, please refer to the item’s label.

Latest Women’s Fashion by Avon Fashion

Clothes & Lingerie in Misses’ and Women’s Sizes

Avon Fashion

Avon fashion is designed to fit women comfortably, confident regardless of body type. Shop Avon Fashion by our Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Jackets, Intimates, Footwear, and Accessories Categories. From the curvy, plus size, petite, or athletically built women, most of Avon’s women’s apparel collection is available in both Misses’ and Women’s sizes to encourage body positivity.

  • Misses’ sizes are generally available in XS(0-2), S(4-6), M(8-10), L(12-14), XL(16).
  • Women’s sizes are generally available in 1X(18W-20W), 2X(22W-24W), 3X(26W-28W).


  • Measure around the fullest/largest part of these three key areas: bust, waist and hips.
  • If one area is bigger than another, consider the item’s style and silhouette.
  • Example: If your measurements are Medium for the bust and waist, and Large for the hips:
    • Order the Medium for a dress that is fitted on top and flows from the waist.
    • Order the Large for pants that are fitted around the hips.

Our fashions fit the true-to-the-body measurements on the Size Chart. They’re designed to fit with ease, so there’s no need to “size up.”

New Fashion Size Chart and Fit Guide (updated in 2022)


Avon Fashion Intimates: Bra Measuring & Sizing


1. Measure Band Size
Take a snug measurement around your rib cage, below your bust and shoulder blades. Then add 4 inches. If you get an odd number (like 35), round up to one (to 36).

2. Measure Bust Size
With a bra on and clothes off, measure around the fullest part of your bust.

3. Determine Cup Size
Compare bust measurement to band measurement. Subtract the band measurement (Step 1) from the bust measurement (Step 2). Then use the chart below to determine your cup size.


NOTE: If the Intimates are Representative Delivery Only, CONTACT ME to make arrangements for delivery of your order right to your doorstep, or to any other place you wish. I am also available for assistance in finding the perfect style and size.

Shop your favorite brands like Bali®, Maidenform®, and Playtex® bras, panties, and shapewear, at affordable prices. Avon Intimates for women are designed for great support and shaping.

Additional Bali® Fit Guide (click on image to enlarge)


Additional Maidenform® Fit Guide (click on image to enlarge)


Additional Playtex® Fit Guide (click on image to enlarge)


Bra Fit Video

Breast Shapes and Types

Every body is different and unique in shape and size. The bra style to flatter your body is influenced by the shape of your breast. Here are some recommendations to help find the style that looks best for your breast shape. Measuring & Sizing is always important to ordering the right bra and cup size so you get the perfect fit.

  • Archetype shaped breasts are round and full with a small point at the nipple, It’s said to be the most common shape, so it’s what most bra manufacturers model their designs after. Most styles and designs will work with this breast shape.
  • Asymmetric shaped breasts generally are two different sizes breasts. A seamless, full coverage bra will smooth the volume of the breast on a larger area and perhaps help visually reduce the difference of sizes.
  • Athletic shaped breasts are wider ones where there is a wide separation between the breasts. Look for a plunging, seamless smoothing style, with or without padding or wires, perhaps therefore pushing the breasts together and enhance the cleavage.
  • Bell shaped breasts are ones narrow/slimmer at the top and round/fuller at the bottom. Look for a underwire, full cup bra that supports the bottom of the breasts and provides the cup structure to lift the breasts to give more volume on top.
  • Close set breasts have no separation or very small separation between them. Look for a plunging, seamless smoothing bra style with a lower shorter center front gore.
  • Conical breasts are shaped more like cones, rather than round. Look for a demi bra with lift. The foam cups should push the center of your boob and lift and round out the shape. This is more common in smaller cup sizes.
  • East West breasts are nipples that point outward, away from the center of your body. Look for a seamless smoothing bra that provides contour to provide shape and forward projection to the breasts.
  • Relaxed breasts have looser breast tissue and nipples that point downward. Look for a underwire with a slightly shorter cup and more fullness at the top and support the breasts to point forwards.
  • Round breasts have an equal amount of fullness at the top and the bottom. Most styles and designs will work with this breast shape.
  • Side set breasts are further apart, with more space between them. Look for a plunging, wireless smoothing style that give additional depth if desired. Bras with underwires tend to have too wide a circumference and may lead uncomfortable fitting issues.
  • Slender breasts are narrow and long, with nipples pointing downwards. Look for a demi bra with lift. A contour cups can push-up shallow breasts and give yourself a lift.
  • Teardrop breasts are round with the bottom is just a little fuller than the top. Look for a underwire or demi bra with more side support to lift the breasts and make them look fuller on the top.

Additional Bra Fitting FAQs

  1. Do your bra straps cut into your shoulders? If so, you may be over-tightening the straps. Loosen them to relieve the strain.
  2. What is the advantage of an underwire? Underwires help relieve shoulder stress from bra straps by adding support below the breast. Underwires also provide shaping, for an attractive lift and look.
  3. Does your bust spill out over the top of your bra or bulge under the cups? If so, your bra cups are too small; go up one cup size (but be sure to keep the same band size).
  4. Do you have wrinkles in your cups at the top or sides? Then your bust is not filling out the cup properly; try a smaller cup size.
  5. Is your underwire uncomfortable? The underwire should gently surround your bust and should not pinch or poke. If it does, try a larger cup size.
  6. Does the back of your bra ride up higher than the front? If so, your band is too loose, you should tighten the band and loosen the straps. If that doesn’t help, you should try a smaller band size. Remember the lower the back of the bra fits, the more support you get.
  7. How do you prevent your bust line from sagging? Try shortening the straps; if your bust line still sags you may need a smaller cup size or try a firm support style with rigid straps.
  8. Does the band of your bra dig in? A bra that fits correctly should be snug but not tight. Try a larger band size or a bra with a wider band.
  9. What if one of my breasts is larger than the other? This is a common problem among women. Always fit the larger breast. Choose styles with stretch fabric in the cups or padded cups. You can also adjust the strap of the larger breast looser than the strap of the smaller breast.
  10. What is the best way to put on shapewear? Gather the garment from the legs to the waist. Step into the legs and pull up. When the bottom is seated correctly, unroll the garment over the torso.
  11. How often should you be fitted for a bra? You should be fit for a bra at least once a year. You should also be fit if you gain or lose weight, during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause and if you begin an exercise program.
  12. How should you care for your bras? Do use a gentle detergent, and wash in cold water. Do fasten the hooks, and use the lingerie wash bag. Do store bras properly — fold them I half with one cup inside the other, or stack them in a row. Don’t put in the dryer.
  13. When should you replace your bras? When the color changes: White bras will turn gray, dark colors start to fade. When the fabric stretches out: Band may not feel as tight as it used to, and it may ride up in the back. Straps may slip off your shoulders even after adjusting. When the fabric looks worn: You risk getting jabbed by the underwire, and once the fabric starts getting threadbare, your chances for show-through increases. When it’s too tight or too loose: Your bra may be in perfectly good shape but maybe your figure has changed due to weight loss, childbirth, or surgery.

Avon Fashion Footwear

Avon Fashion Footwear

Download and print out the Women’s Shoe Size Chart. For accuracy, print both pages of this document on 8.5″ x 11″ at 100% (actual size). Use a ruler to verify that your printout is accurate. Place the chart on a hard floor. Position your barefoot on the chart as indicated. Measure both feet, and use the longest toe to determine your size. In between two sizes? Choose the larger size.

Avon Jewelry Size Guides

A Celebration of Sparkle with Unique Avon Jewelry

Avon jewelry collections

Go ahead! Express your unique personality with Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Watches by Avon. Whatever your style you’ll find jewelry you love at Avon’s online jewelry store.

To be sure of sizing, download the Avon Ring Sizer to help find your ring size. Set your printer to 100% before you print. Match circle with the inside of one of your rings to find the size of your new Avon Rings. The normal women’s ring sizes range from 5-11, with the average 6. Men’s sizes generally range from 8-12, with the average for men is 10.

Additional Avon Ring Size Guide (click on image to enlarge)


Use the Necklace Length Guide to assist you in selecting the right necklace length based on where it falls on your body. And the Neckline Tool will assist you in selecting the perfect necklace for every neckline.

Avon Jewelry: Long-Lasting, Superior Quality Products

  • Avon is an industry leader in quality control testing. Our products have superior tarnish resistance, color-fastness, and durability under normal wear.
  • Avon Jewelry is worry-free for sensitive skin. We adhere to the highest international lead and nickel safety standards. Avon’s fashion jewelry collection offers style-conscious women a variety of statement pieces, with our collection of Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Watches that dazzle.
  • The Fine Jewelry Collection is Avon’s highest-quality jewelry made with sparkling Cubic Zirconia (CZ), colored stones, sterling silver, and stainless steel. Sterling Silver is the standard for fine silver jewelry the world over. Only Sterling Silver can be stamped with a “fineness mark” of .925 indicating its superior quality. With proper care your Sterling Silver will last a lifetime. Another Avon favorite is the fine jewelry online collection that tells her how much she means to you in pure silver and CZ stones. Avon also use a stainless steel finish in jewelry collections. Stainless Steel Jewelry does not tarnish or rust and has hypoallergenic properties good those who are sensitive to metals, especially in Stainless Steel Earrings.
  • Who can resist the appeal of Jewelry Gift & Value Sets that combine the best online jewelry shopping of great jewelry deals that allow you to indulge in more than one piece at a time!
  • Avon proudly offers one of the highest quality metal painting standards in the industry.

Glossary A-Z of Fashion Terms

Fashion extends Beauty to your personal style, allowing you to express your individuality. With Avon Fashion, you can also choose from items Footwear & Intimates to come up with just the right looks that suit both your taste and lifestyle. And if you’re not sure what looks right, you can count on me, your Independent Avon Representative to help. I believe in nurturing the one-on-one connections with my customers, to become both a trusted friend and style advisor.

The below collection of fashion terms are assembled to help you increase your vocabulary to help you talk about clothes and fashion.

— A —

A dress or skirt that is narrower at the top and gradually flares out to a wider hemline, resembling the letter A. This style works well on most figure types; ideal for disguising bottom heavy figures.

Synthetic manufactured fabric that is soft and wool-like. Acrylic is usually found in winter garments such as sweaters and dresses.

Fabric that has been cut and applied to another fabric or garment in order to decorate the material usually sewn or attached with adhesive.

A dress, top, or sweater with one shoulder strap or sleeve. The other shoulder is bare. Hemlines are often diagonal.

— B —

A top or dress with an empire waist (directly under the bust) and an A-line bodice. Can be short sleeved or sleeveless.

A band shaped strapless covering for the bust.

A narrow neckline that is open shoulder to shoulder.

The upper part of a dress or top.

Bolero jacket
A short jacket with long sleeves.

Boot cut
Also called bootleg. A pant or jean style that is tapered to the knee and very subtly flares out to accommodate a boot to be worn under the pant.

A skirt or a dress that is distinguished by numerous pleats and material that is pleated.

A technique of destroying a layer of fabric to create a patterned effect and generally results in a sexy sheer look.

A garment similar to a corset that is close-fitting, usually strapless, and may be made from highly ornamental fabric.

— C —

A top or dress with spaghetti straps that can be worn alone or as a layering piece.

Capri pants
Calf length women’s pants.

Cap sleeve
A very short sleeve that extends to just over the shoulder to give that touch of sexy femininity.

A sweater or jacket that opens down the front.

Cargo style
Pants or jeans with pockets on the side of the leg.

A light, sheer fabric typically made of nylon, silk, or rayon.

Cinched waist
A feature in a garment that tapers narrowly at the mid-section, accentuating the curves of the body.

Cold shoulder
A top with cut out shoulders.

Color blocking
Strategically placed contrasting colors paired together on a garment.

Cowl neck
A neckline on a woman’s blouse or sweater that hangs in draped folds.

An open knit in which yarn is looped into a patterned fabric.

— D —

Dolman sleeve
Also called batwing. This style is cut very large at the armhole and extends almost to the waist and then tapers at the wrist.

Hanging fabric in folds or covering the fabric in loose folds. Hemlines are often uneven.

— E —

Ornamentation of fabric by using a wide variety of decorative pieces such as sequins or beads.

Ornamentation of a fabric by using any wide variety of decorative hand or machine stitches in the same or contrasting color with needlework.

Empire waist
Waist begins just below the bust which gives dresses and tops a flattering fit. This outline is especially flattering to pear shapes wishing to disguise the stomach area or emphasize the bust.

A type of embroidery with small holes that are cut in the fabric.

— F —

Fabric content
The kinds of fibers represented in a particular garment.

Faux leather
Imitation leather made of materials other than animal skins. Faux leather is lighter and easier to clean than leather.

Flounce hem
A strip of decorative fabric attached to one edge to create a wide ruffle.

Funnel neck
A neckline that is high and wide. A funnel neckline is attached to the body of the garment and not sewn to the neckline.

— G —

Garment washed
Apparel that has already been washed. The garment is softer and has a worn-in look.

A crinkled, sheer fabric that has a lightweight, flowing look.

A medium or lightweight, plaid or checked fabric using more than two colors with a plain weave made of cotton

A strong, tightly woven corded fabric that has narrow, horizontal ribs. Commonly used as a trim.

— H —

A dress or top that is tied around the neck, exposing the back and shoulders. Also called halter neck.

Handkerchief hem
The hem of a skirt or blouse that is gently jagged to form flowing points that resemble a scarf. This style works well on most figures. Also called hanky hem.

A collarless pullover shirt, characterized by the round neckline, usually having 2–5 buttons. It essentially resembles a collarless polo shirt. The sleeves may be either short or long, and it can be made in almost any fabric, although cotton, cotton-polyester blends, and thermals are by far the most popular.

A broken twill weave that is sewn in opposite directions to form a zigzag pattern.

High low hem
A garment with an uneven hemline varying from long to short.

Hook and eye closure
Fastening system on garments with a small hook that is inserted into an eye loop.

— J —

A fabric with an intricately woven pattern.

A stretchy fine knitted fabric used in t-shirts, sportswear, and figure hugging clothes. This fabric is great for draping.

A garment that incorporates a top and bottom in one piece.

— K —

Keyhole neckline
A teardrop or round shaped cutout that fastens at the front or back neckline.

Kimono sleeve
Cut as part of the bodice, a kimono sleeve has a wide, sloping shape.

— L —

Tight form fitting pants. Sometimes referred to as tights.

— M —

A skirt or dress with a long full length, usually to the ankles.

A knit, woven, or knotted fabric of net-like open texture. Mesh is lightweight and breathable.

A yarn or fiber made partially or entirely of metal and having a metallic appearance.

A striped pattern sewn into a “V” design that slenderized and flatters your figure.

— N —

Natural waist
A seam or waistband that secures or falls at the natural curve of the body. The indentation between the hips and the ribcage.

A synthetic fiber known for its strength and stain resilience.

— O —

Enlarged garments that alter the natural shape of the wearer.

— P —

A swirled pattern curved with teardrop shapes.

Patch pockets
A small pocket found on pants or shorts which look like a piece of material sewn on to resemble a patch.

A romantic style top or dress commonly distinguished by a low neckline, ruffles, or free flowing material.

Pencil skirt
A skirt that is cut in a straight line from the hips to the hem and usually knee length. Can either taper in at the hem or fall straight down from the hip.

A short full flounce or an extension of a garment below the waist, covering the hips.

A fabric trim stitched along the seams or edges of a garment. Trim color can be the same color as the garment or in a contrasting color.

An opening or slit in a blouse, skirt, or dress usually covering fastenings that facilitates putting it on or taking it off. A piece of cloth reinforcing the opening used for closure of a garment.

A type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place.

A circular piece of fabric with a hole cut out for the head, usually worn as a cape or jacket.

A heavyweight and durable tightly woven plain-weave fabric that has fine, crisscrossing ribs.

— R —

A top where the back is cut away in a T-shape to reveal the shoulder blades.

A knitting method where small rows are finely knitted together to form a texture.

A loose one-piece garment combining a shirt and a short.

A sewing technique where fabric is gathered in a repeating pattern creating a ripple appearance. Often used to create draping and texture in a garment.

An ornamental strip of fabric tightly gathered or pleated on one edge and applied to a garment.

— S —

A thicker version of satin that has a thicker weave. Commonly used in eveningwear and jacket lining.

A silky, lustrous fabric with a smooth, shiny surface.

Scoop neck
A low, U-shaped or round neckline.

Shawl collar
A one-piece collar turned down to form a continuous line around the back of the neck to the front.

A fabric that is transparently thin.

Shelf bra
A bra built into the garment.

Shift dress
A loose fitting dress with no defined waistline.

Skinny leg
A form-fitting slim fit jean or pant with snug fit through the legs and a small tapered leg opening.

Shorts that have a front covering to resemble a skirt.

An embroidery technique that gathers a section of the material into tight pleats, holding them together with parallel stitches so that it can stretch.

Spaghetti straps
A very thin shoulder strap on a woman’s garment.

Straight leg
A pant or jean with a uniform fit from the top of the pant leg to the bottom of the leg opening.

A garment in which the two halves of the front cross diagonally, forming a V-neck.

— T —

Tank top
A short, sleeveless top.

A pile fabric, usually of cotton, with loops on both sides.

Tie dye
A pattern created by dyeing the fabric after knotting it to create an irregular pattern.

A very fine mesh like net fabric commonly used in evening wear and bridal gowns. Tulle comes in loose and tight weaves, giving the fabric different texture.

A woman´s top that is either loose or tight fitting, and extends to the hips or below. Depending on the length, can be worn as a shirt or a dress.

Turtle neck
A garment with a close fitting, round, and high collar that folds over and covers the neck.

— V —

A fabric of closely woven thick short pile fabric that is soft to the touch.

A neckline with a V shaped front.

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