Avon Incentives, Rewards, Recognition, and Trips!

Think Big, Earn Big!

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The more you grow your personal sales, the greater your rewards will be! Read more about how top-selling Representatives become members of our elite President’s Recognition Program (PRP), gain titles, and increase their earnings in honor of their achievements.

Avon Think Big, Earn Big!

Representative Commissions

Selling products to customers is at the heart of your business. Happy, satisfied customers who use our products form the foundation of a successful business. Regardless of how high you climb the success ladder or how large your organization becomes, everyone leads by example in personal sales. When products are sold, you make money, your team members make money, and everyone is inspired to continue growing their business.

CONTACT ME: I can answer all your Avon questions and share the current seller commissions and compensation guide.

Representative Incentives

On the journey, Avon consistently rewards its reps based on sales as well as building and growing their teams! Throughout the year, sales and recruiting incentives provide unlimited earnings potential, including products & gifts, bonuses, and all-expenses-paid incentive trips to luxury locations. Avon incentive programs are excellent ways to build a sustainable business and attain financial independence.


Trips of a Lifetime!

INCENTIVE TRIPS: We offer incentive trips year-round to exciting tropical destinations, from the Dominican Republic to Hawaii, and Cancún, Mexico. Enjoy exclusive perks, VIP receptions, Avon-sponsored activities, and the chance to bring guests to join in the fun.

AVON CONVENTION: The annual Avon Convention is open to all Representatives and offers a sneak peek at new key products, business training, and ultimate swag and product goodie bags. Also, there’s Leadership Kickoff, a special getaway for our valued Leaders.


Avon Recognitions & Rewards for Representatives is a vital component of Avon’s business model, designed to motivate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of their independent representatives.

CONTACT ME: I can answer all your Avon questions and share the current seller commissions and compensation guide.

Helping New Reps Reach for the Stars

New Representatives start earning a 25% commission on beauty orders of $40 or more. Our Pathway to Premier incentive helps you earn up to $3,300* in your first 8 campaigns (Avon’s two-week selling periods) and propels you to Premier Level earnings quickly with three new bonuses.

PREMIER LEVEL: This level recognizes our Representatives who are tracking towards PRP and achieving $5,000–$9,999 in Award Sales in the cycle. Once accomplished, this level guarantees you earnings and title recognition immediately and continuing through C26 ’23.

RISING STARS: New Representatives who achieve $5,000 in Award Sales in their first 26 campaigns with Avon receive a Rising Star pin with sparkling cubic zirconia to showcase and be acknowledged for your achievements. Furthermore, when you reach $5,000 in personal Award Sales in the 2023 Avon Sales Cycle, you’ll earn Premier Level, guaranteeing 2023 commissions of 30% on Beauty and 20% on Fashion & Home — for every order, no minimum. (Campaigns 1-26, 2023)

Avon Sales Leadership

Avon Sales Leadership is about sharing your passion for Avon, inviting others to explore how the Avon opportunity can work for them, and starting to build a team. It’s about taking the business you love to the next level. You are rewarded for sponsoring others and building a team. As your team grows, you advance up the career plan. The program keeps evolving, offering you unlimited earnings potential and limitless financial freedom.

Recognitions & Rewards

PRESIDENT’S RECOGNITION: With diligent effort, you can join Avon’s elite group of top Representatives and become a member of Avon’s President’s Recognition (PRP) Program ($10,000+ in sales). From gifts to guaranteed earnings, enjoy all the fantastic perks of achieving PRP status. At the first level of the President’s Club, you begin earning even higher commissions of 40% on Beauty and 25% on Fashion & Home! As your sales increase, there are more commission levels to learn about. The President’s Recognition Program rewards members with higher commissions, surprises you with gifts for birthdays, holidays and Avonniversaries, as well as VIP privileges at company-sponsored events.

DIAMOND CLUB FOR LEADERS: Introducing our most dazzling reward program to date. For every million dollars in team sales, achievers earn a half-carat Swarovski® lab-created diamond on a chain necklace—a statement of ultimate success.

AVON VISIONARY AWARD: Introduced in 2020, as the re-imagining of our Woman of Enterprise, this is Avon’s highest and most prestigious award and honors a forward-thinking visionary spirit that embodies our core values of belief, integrity, respect, trust and humility. It’s awarded to a Gold Leader+, who is also a member of the Honor Society or above, and shows a commitment to empowerment, entrepreneurship and community. Nominated by Avon’s Corporate Sales Management Team, the honoree receives the statuette, pin and a $10,000 Bonus ($5,000 personal cash bonus and $5,000 towards a charity of her or his choice) at a special celebration.

AVON GUIDING SPIRIT: All Representatives have the opportunity to nominate a Gold Leader or above, who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to leading by example and inspiring team members to higher levels of success.

SPIRIT OF ALBEE: Recognized as the very first “Avon Lady,” Mrs. Albee was a remarkable woman, a true visionary and a great proponent of financial independence for women in the 19th century. This award symbolizes that entrepreneurial spirit and honors those who strive to build better lives for themselves and others.

THE PINNACLE OF SUCCESS: The Pinnacle Awards honor star performers in Sales and Leadership. The awards commemorate your top achievements across 12 categories… talk about the pinnacle of success!

NEW STATE RECOGNITION IN 2023: Special State Recognition to include the 50 states, tracking select Pinnacle categories that include Personal Sales Volume and Personal Sales Increase. The top 10 in each state will be posted on Avon.com each campaign, beginning in C1 through C24.


Avon Training

I can guide you through best practices for consistent selling, sponsoring others, and training & developing your team members. Whatever your goals, Avon offers business training providing you with a range of information that will be most beneficial for you. Historically, we know that reps who continue to grow in sales and recruitment build healthy businesses over time!

Avon Rep Perks, Above and Beyond

All Avon Representatives have access to incredible benefits and extras such as the LG Partner Store for major discounts on LG electronics, appliances, and tech; Avon Perks & Rewards for exclusive offers and discounts, plus fantastic gifts of your choice as you achieve goals; Advanced Education Opportunities to grow through professional development courses with our education partner; and 24/7 Telemedicine providing access to licensed doctors, affordable health insurance, and health care discounts.

Avon Support Leads to Avon Success

JOIN HEREFor a limited time, you can join Avon with a $0, $5, or $30 investment. (Amazing, I know!) You will be linked to my Passionately Avon Team by using the ‘nrago’ reference code. Avon does not have sales territories, and I can assist anyone in the contiguous United States. I can sign up people from anywhere in the contiguous United States; there are no sales territories. I will mentor you as you begin your Avon business. I can also show you ways to earn $3,300 in your first 120 days!

CONTACT ME: I can answer all your Avon questions and share the current seller commissions and compensation guide.

Sincerely, Nancy Rago
Passionately Avon USA Team Mentor and Leadership Silver Ambassador since 2010

*All new Representatives earned an average of $112 over their first 8 campaigns, but those who participated in Pathway to Premier earned an average of $390 over their first 8 campaigns, based on those who started in Campaigns 5 through 19, 2020 (exclusive of signup and shipping costs).
†Results may vary. The $20 bonus is based on achieving $200 within a campaign.


17 thoughts on “Avon Incentives, Rewards, Recognition, and Trips!

  1. How do I, find how to use my Avon point’s ,I,been checking & can’t seem to find the information.Mary Ward

    • Log into your RepSuite and look under “Recognitions & Rewards” section. It’s the “Rewards Headquarters”. I just recently used mine to get an electric yard tool that I needed. Good luck!

    • Hi Janet, To see your points, log onto youravon.com account. I generally go to My Account > View Invoices, view the top dated invoice. Under Presidents Club Goal Tracking you can see Total Points Available. Happy Selling! Nancy

  2. Hi i registered my husband in avon nort edsa this feb… 2019… And this month i think i almost avail morethan 17k..so i just want to ask if have any incentives or rewards that we recieve from avon or none?..im work here in hongkong thats why my husband will manage ..

  3. Virginia, congratulation. I can only speak about Avon USA incentives. I use my dashboard to learn about and track my incentive performance. Good luck in your Avon business.

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  6. I was checking to see why I did not receive any reward for making Presidents Club and October of 2020 I was selling Avon for 39 years and never received anything.I saw today that a representative selling 17 years thanking for Anniversary gift. Can u let me know why I have never received anything, thank you Bonnie Lancia

    • Hi Bonnie, I am an Independent Avon Representative too! Have you called or emailed Avon Corporate’s Representative Support? When you login to your AvonNow Representative dashboard, there is a ‘SUPPORT’ link in upper right. Happy Selling!

  7. I was looking for my key with keychain for submitting campaigns 12-15…only three consecutive campaigns were requested. I have not missed a campaign submission this year 2021.

    • Hi Flora, Congratulations on completing the incentive.

      I can tell you is that I earned it too. I received my email on Thu, Jul 8, 2021 with the subject line: “Your Charm Keychain Is on the Way!” The email body said, “Your limited-edition keychain with exclusive 135th Anniversary charm will be delivered in your C18 order.”

      Check your email for your message from Avon Corporate! N

  8. To Whom It May Concern: On the Avon rewards and recognition program, there is a blanket that I like. How do I obtain it before campaign 2 comes to an end? I tried clicking on the image but that was no help. What do I have to do to obtain the item? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Reuel Smith

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