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ANEW GENICS for all Women

Watch the Avon ANEW Genics Commercial: Introducing ANEW Genics from Avon, an anti-aging breakthrough with patented YouthGen™ Technology.

Outsmart genetics and look up to 10 years younger* with a skincare breakthrough 10 years in the making … With ANEW Genics.


A leading university in Italy researched a group of individuals who led extremely long and healthy lives. This groundbreaking research revealed that some people who live longer and healthier lives, past 100 years old, have a highly active Youth Gene – this gene is inside all of us. Avon scientists partnered with these researchers to discover a link between the Youth Gene and skin. This same Youth Gene that keeps the body healthy, helps keep skin cells acting younger, and as we age, its activity declines in skin. An increase in this Youth Gene’s activity boosts proteins that can help skin look younger. **

Using this revolutionary discovery, Avon scientists leveraged the link between the Youth Gene and skin to develop ANEW Genics. As the first in the cosmetics industry with YouthGen™ Technology, Avon is revolutionizing anti-aging skincare. Avon is the first with patented YouthGen™ Technology, designed to stimulate the Youth Gene,** and to help skin look up to 10 years younger.*

The Regimen Includes:

  • ANEW GenicsTreatment Cream Genics Treatment Cream can be used in conjunction with any of the 4 Anew regimens. Continue to use your current Cleanser, Day Cream and Anew Regimen or Clinical Serum and just replace your existing night cream with Genics Treatment Cream.
  • ANEW Genics Eye Treatment (coming 4th quarter 2012). The product has been shown to help visibly reduce undereye puffiness overnight and with its continued use. It has been asked if the Anew Genics eye cream replaces the Clinical Eye Lift Pro? They are actually complementary to each other. Eye Lift Pro focuses on lifting and sagging while Genics Eye focuses on wrinkles, firmness and discolorations. Together they would make the perfect eye area regimen.

    *Based on a consumer-perception study of women 45-59 years old.
    **Based on in vitro testing.

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