3 Pieces That Will Transform Your Look!

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to stay in hibernation! We’ve selected 3 great mark mix n’ match fashion pieces that will breathe new life into your wardrobe in an instant.


1) The perfect jacket: Picture it, a cropped faux leather jacket that features an elegant sheer panel back offered in this season’s “it” shade – grey! A Little Bit of Edge Jacket from mark is the ultimate wardrobe changer. Pair this gorgeous must-have with skirts, leggings, jeans, dress pants, you name it!


2) A bohemian inspired scarf: Scarves remain a major fashion trend and mark’s Boho Blend Scarf makes the perfect choice. Worn casually draped atop your favourite shirt or jacket it adds an inspired touch to your everyday look.


3) Sweatpant Jeans: Yes, you read correctly. On the Bright Track Sweatpant Jeans from mark merge two hot trends: bright colours and a stretchy, super-cozy take on jeans! What’s not to love?! Give them a try for the ultimate in casual chic.

Find all of these great fashions in current mark. Magalog 2, 2012. Magalog 2 products available only in C4 and C5, no backorders can be accepted. PERSONAL DELIVERY orders due by Fri 02/24/12 if you are in the Morris County, NJ area. DIRECT DELIVERY orders due Mon 02/27/12 by noon EST for fast delivery directly to your door. mark.

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