Guess who’s turning 20? Avon’s favorite skincare brand, that’s who.


Happy Birthday ANEW! 20 Years of Pioneering Skincare. 20 Years Old, Better Than Ever.

1992 marked the start of a new age in skincare.  That was the year Avon introduced ANEW, making the company the first to mass market anti-aging technology with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Avon’s pioneering use of AHA, which became an industry standard, ignited a skincare revolution.  And today, ANEW is a US $1 billion brand.

Even before the world was introduced to line,the extensive team of Avon scientists who worked on the ANEW formula knew they had something huge on their hands. But they never could have imagined the true global skincare powerhouse the line would become. Now, as the company celebrates ANEW’s 20th anniversary, the team at Avon Global R+D is still very much committed to the same principles they had back in 1992: to help deliver innovation and affordable high-quality skincare products to women around the world.

The Making of a Super Brand
The first ANEW product was All Perfecting Complex for Face. After launching to historic success in the U.S., Avon built the brand through aggressive geographical rollouts and the introduction of sublines.

The ANEW family includes:

For 20 years, ANEW has continued to make skincare history with innovations including: ANEW Retroactive Age Reversal Cream, formulated to help promote key elements of cell communication; the ANEW Clinical line, which gives women an at-home alternative to dermatologist procedures; and ANEW Genics, a skincare breakthrough that helps women look up to 10 years younger.

More than three-hundred scientists work on each ANEW breakthrough, and many of the cutting edge products are also the result of collaborations with world renowned universities, research institutions and dermatologists and beauty experts. Today, ANEW is the company’s largest brand, a true beauty powerhouse, and is sold in every Avon market around the globe.

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