An Anti-Aging Miracle for the Eyes


Avon’s skin care regimens employ a combination of products for anti-aging results. ANEW anti-aging products are Avon’s pioneering brand. And following in the footsteps of our innovative breakthrough ANEW Genics Night Treatment Cream comes the latest skin care sensation, ANEW Genics Eye Treatment, debuting in the Avon Campaign 7 Brochure.

ANEW Genics Eye Treatment is formulated with Avon’s exclusive patented Youth-Gen™ Technology, which is designed to stimulate your Youth Gene activity to help skin cells act younger*. Genics Eye Treatment is suitable for all skin types and designed to work with any ANEW regimen to help deliver optimal results. Just think, the possibility to undo up to 10 years from the look of aging eyes!**

Take advantage of the Genics Eye Treatment’s very special offer in the C-7 Brochure. Purchase Genics Eye Treatment for only $36, and you’ll get Genics Night Treatment Cream at the special price of just $20! That’s a savings of $18 off the regular price. Make sure you take advantage now … because it is only a limited-time offer.

Currently shopping Campaign 7 & mark. Magalog 3. PERSONAL DELIVERY orders due by Fri 03/23/12 if you are in the Morris County, NJ area. DIRECT DELIVERY orders due Mon 03/26/12 by noon EST for fast delivery directly to your door. mark. Magalog 3 products available only in C6 and C7, no backorders can be accepted.

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