Help your hair recover from winter abuse


ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Damage Repair 3D Rescue Leave-In Treatment. Item # 194875.

Instantly repairs 3 types of damage: 

  • CHEMICAL (color treatments, perms) 
  • THERMAL (blow dryers, curling irons 
  • MECHANICAL (combing and brushing) 

3D Rescue targets hair’s most damaged areas, strengthening hair’s internal structure, instantly mending split ends and nourishing hair from within. With fortifying nutrients. Targets damage and instantly repairs split ends. For dry or damaged hair. 3.4 fl. oz.

Currently shopping Campaign 7 & mark. Magalog 3. PERSONAL DELIVERY orders due by Fri 03/23/12 if you are in the Morris County, NJ area. DIRECT DELIVERY orders due Mon 03/26/12 by noon EST for fast delivery directly to your door. mark. Magalog 3 products available only in C6 and C7, no backorders can be accepted.

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