Avon Walk: Share your fundraising ideas … so far my best idea has been.


Get All The Support You Need

Once you register for the Avon Walk, you’ll be connected with all the resources you need to meet and exceed your fundraising goal, including:

  • Participant Handbook: Get complete details on how to be a fundraising powerhouse
  • Personal Fundraising Page: Having your own fundraising page on our website makes it easy for donors to give, and easy for you to e-mail and keep track of how much you’ve raised and who to thank
  • Walker Coordinator: Every Walker has a personal fundraising coach who’s always available by phone or e-mail
  • Fundraising E-mails: Our pre-written templates make asking for donations easy. You can send as-is, or personalize with your own message
  • Fundraising Poster: Mount this poster at the office, in your local community center, gym, or at your place of worship, letting everyone know about your participation, and ASK for their support
  • Avon Facebook Fundraising Tool: Spread the word to friends online with our special Facebook application
  • Avon Walk E-mail Badge: Make every e-mail a chance to gather a donation with our special e-mail badge
  • Fundraising Clinics: Get great guidance and creative ideas from experienced fundraisers
  • Breast Cancer Information: Learn important facts so you can speak confidently to your donors about the need for funds

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