Day Dreamer & Call It A Night! Celeb Makeup Artist Mai Quynh shows us how to rock her 8 favorite i-mark shades!


Which one are you going to try first?


Take it from Mai … Day Dreamer
“This palette looks beautiful on many skin tones. I love how the color are complementary and go with anything you wear. It’s effortless!”

Create the Look
With this set, you can create the perfect natural daytime look. Start with biscotti on your entire eyelid using the mark. all over eye shadow brush. Next, using the same brush, apply fairy dust to the inner eyelid, from the last line to the crease. Apply tike in to the crease of the eye, blending it in to biscotti and fairy dust using the mark. angled contour eye shadow brush. Finsih by lightly smudging java along the top lash line to add fullness to the lashes using the flat eyeliner brush. You can also mix tiki and java and apply it the lower lash line too for a bit of extra drama. Apply mascara.

Don’t forget to get snap to it compact to rock YOUR palette and check out the rest of our i-mark collection — with an array of so many stunning shades, the only thing missing is your imagination!


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