Campaign 16, 2012: Your guide on key product highlights of this brochure


Would you like to look 10 years younger? What if you could eliminate wrinkles, discoloration and age spots without having surgery? Anew Genics Night and Eye Treatments at the special price of $56 for both.


Can you imagine how many outfits these nails will accentuate? Try the Mosaic Effects over your bright nail polish. I’ve got this fabulous look for less than $4! What 2 colors would you like to purchase today?


Isn’t it amazing how summertime jewelry can pull together a whole look with just the simplest idea like stacking bracelets? Get on trend with Avon’s stackable bracelets. Mix and match and wear your favorite ones all together!


Check out these fun NATURALS KIDS Bath Time Body Paint for bath time. They come in a variety of great scents/colors and are dermatologist tested. Children love using them! Try at least 3 different colors — more than one color will help ensure that it’s fun for the child!


NEW! We’ve just added a new “Bonkers Banana” fragrance to our NATURALS KIDS Hair Care line. These tear-free shampoos and conditioners smell great and are gentle for everyday use. Only $2.99 each!

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