General Tips for Coloring Hair with Advance Techniques


Anyone can use Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color! The products are designed to be used on all hair types.

If hair has existing permanent color:

  • You cannot lighten your hair to a lighter shade. Hair color will not lighten another hair color. It can only lighten natural hair.
  • If you have highlights in your hair, they will no longer be visible once you color your hair.

Evenness of color:

  • If your roots tend to come out lighter than your ends, this may be indicative that you have color buildup on the ends of your hair:
    • This occurs because new color will quickly lift out the natural color on your roots, but it won’t lift out the old, darker, color on the ends (color does not lift or lighten color).
    • The Advance Techniques Pre-Treatment will help to avoid this problem by evening color absorption along the strand.
    • Or, try re-coloring your roots only with the same or a darker color, so the roots and ends match.
    • If you want to be dramatically lighter, consider visiting a salon to have the old color professionally removed or trim away the darker ends.
  • If your roots are darker than your ends:
    • Pull your color through your ends to refresh your color.


If you are deciding between two shades when coloring your hair and you are not sure which shade to use, it is always better to err on the lighter side. You can always go darker if you wish, but going lighter will not be an easy option.

Finished results:

  • Your finished results will always be a combination of your natural hair color and the shade you select, so one shade will not look exactly the same on everyone.
  • If you have 50%, or more, gray, your color results will appear somewhat lighter.
  • Rinse freshly colored hair with lukewarm/cool water, and always use the Color Protection Lock-in Treatment to ensure color vibrancy.

TIP: Use the Avon Brochure to see all the colors available for you.

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