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Avon was featured on the December 13th TODAY show to announce that it was donating over $300,000 in everything from toys to clothes and outerwear for children in need for the show’s annual toy drive.

To watch it online > THE TODAY SHOW.

Text Transcript:
>> over the past few weeks, the folks who stopped by our plaza have really shown their holiday spirit, contributing to toys. today’s gifts are already on their way to babies born by poverty in new york and california. we want to thank everyone who made a contribution to feel special.
>> and celebrating ave ving avon, from garden city, tell us what avon is donating this year?
>> i’m here from avon associates and the representatives worldwide for the $300,000 valued gift.
>> wow.
>> to the children in need this holiday season.
>> that’s an incredible gift. what are you donating?
>> toys, clothing, outerwear. these are from Tiny Tilia.
>> do you hope they help a certain group of kids? do you have somebody in mind?
>> wherever they want to send them to the children that need it.
>> you have a broad reach, for sure, whether empowering women or helping with domestic violence. we appreciate everything avon has given over the years. francine mcdonald, thank you.
>> don’t figure get until december 21st, you can donate on the plaza and online, go to todayshow.com for more details

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