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Avon Campaign 4, 2014

In 3 days see deep wrinkles around eyes reduced
100% of women showed improvement in the look of fine wrinkles

Wish you could REDUCE the look of WRINKLES?

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ANEW CLINICAL Pro Line Eraser Treatment
Use after cleansing and before moisturizing. 1 oz. net wt. Price: $39.99
WHO IS PRO LINE ERASER TREATMENT FOR? People experiencing fine lines or deep wrinkles. ANEW CLINICAL Pro Line Eraser Treatment is designed to work with any Anew skin care regimen to help optimize results. This serum deliver lightweight texture and targets fine lines and deep wrinkles concerns.

Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment
Use after cleansing and before moisturizing. If your skin care concerns are fine lines and crow’s-feet, Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment is a targeted treatments to best address your needs. .5 oz. net wt.
Price: $34.99

Both are formulated with A-F33, the patented anti-aging molecule, to help intercept collagen blockers to boost collagen production.

“Just in time for ANEW’s 20th anniversary, Avon introduces ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment formulated with A-F33 to take a multi-faceted approach to boosting collagen. This revolution in wrinkle fighting stands to be as game changing as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and Retinol were in the 1990s.”

~Anthony Gonzalez, Senior Skincare Manager, Avon Research & Development

“We were excited to partner with Avon to bring this advanced compound to market and deliver a groundbreaking transformation to the anti-aging world. Through our collaboration with Avon scientists, we discovered the benefits of A-F33 molecule and we are thrilled about the effects this discovery has on skin and what this compound could mean for the future of the anti-aging industry altogether.”
~Barbara Green, RPh, MS, Vice President Clinical Affairs and Technology, NeoStrata Company Inc

Break the Rules of Anti-Aging Skincare with Avon

ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment with A-F33, an industry first molecule exclusively available through Avon*, fights wrinkles delivering breakthrough results, creating a new gold standard in anti-aging.

Since its founding two decades ago, Avon ANEW has consistently introduced transformative and highly-effective anti-aging skincare breakthroughs, beginning with the introduction of the first mass market product with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHAs) Technology in 1992. Twenty years later, the brand continues to pioneer anti-aging skincare through an alliance with NeoStrata Company, a global leader in topical anti-aging technologies. In collaboration with this skincare authority, Avon is bringing a powerful new molecule to the market that even dermatologists do not yet have: A-F33, a newly discovered anti-aging molecule that promises to revolutionize the skincare landscape.

Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research that looked at blocking mechanisms of protein production, ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment leverages the power of A-F33 Aminofill, an innovative molecule that has been found in testing on skin cells to work in a way that other well known anti-aging ingredients like glycolic acid, retinol, and CoQ10 don’t by deactivating critical collagen blocking in skin cells to help unleash untapped collagen. A-F33 is formulated to help stimulate skin cells to produce skin matrix components. ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment helps begin to reduce the look of deep and fine wrinkles in just seven days.**

• See deep wrinkles begin to fade in just 1 week**
• Over time, 100% of women showed a reduction in fine lines**
• Produces up to 50% improvement in overall fine lines and deep wrinkles in 11 weeks**
• Faster and better than a leading dermatologist-inspired wrinkle treatment**
• 5 out of 10 women considering a cosmetic procedure who tried
ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment said the serum improved their skin so much
they decided to postpone the procedure***

In the mass market.
Based on a dermatologist supervised clinical study.
Based on a consumer perception study. Results not comparable to cosmetic procedures

Avon Campaign 04, 2014

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