Get Your Beauty Products for FREE by Hosting a Book Party!


It’s easy. No need to clean your home. No snacks to serve.

Having a book party is easy and fun. Best of all, it earns you FREE AVON Products. I put together the tools you need to run a successful Book Party: an order book, a money collection envelope, an assortment of samples and Avon catalogs. All you have to do it share the books with family and friends who love Avon and within 2 weeks take their orders and collect payments. Online catalogs are available so invitees can be from anywhere in the Contiguous United States. We can arrange that Avon ships their orders directly to them!

At the end of the Book Party, I send you the amount earned based on a percentage of the sales totals. If sales totals are less than $100, you earn $10 in earned credit. If sales are $100 or more, you get 15% of sales totals in earned credit. Sales of $250 or more  get 20%, and $400 or more earns 25% in credit. Finally, you get to pick out your FREE AVON products! Here’s an example: You collect $145 in orders, you can choose $21.75 in Avon Products.

Then just shop for your FREE products based on the earned credit! Complete the below form and I’ll contact you about your Book Party within 48 hrs!

I want to learn more about having an Avon Book Party:

The Fine Print. Earnings chart is based on Avon’s core products of makeup, skincare, bath & body and perfume. Products identified with a diamond symbol in the brochure earn a maximum 15%  credit. Book parties are generally done for a single campaign. You can start collecting orders on the day you receive your brochures, and you must turn them in by the end of the campaign date noted on the back or front of the brochures. This generally gives you about two weeks for your party. If you don’t want to spend your earned credit and want to do additional campaigns or parties, the earned credit amount can be carried over for up to two additional campaigns or another month.

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  1. Hey great idea! Do you put your regular Avon order in with your book party order just wondering. Thanks so much Melissa I sell Avon as well and love it!!!

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