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1) Do you have to pay for your Avon website?

No, your website is included with your $15 fee. Your can manage and edit your website to include various modules including specials, product highlights, videos, pictures, and a blog. This is your online eStore. Avon also supplies online marketing tools, like Email Service and Social Media centers, to help you promote your online presence.

2) After the $15 fee to start, do you have to pay anything else?

The Basic Starter Kit for $15 contains all the tools you need to get your Avon business started including brochures, an order book and much more. While there is no other fees required, there are other things you CAN buy to help launch your new beauty business. As a new representative, there will be bonus kits, product incentives and other tools designed to help you deliver big sales from the start. Free online training as well as photos, videos, and flyers are available for you to take advance too.

3) Are there quotas?

There are NO sales quotas but your representative status is “pending” until your first order size of $50. You also don’t begin earning until an order size of $50 and more, before tax and shipping. In additional to your customer orders, things ordered for your business like demos, samples, sales tools and brochures will count towards your campaign total order. There is a sliding scale of up to 50% earnings based on the total sales in each campaign. Avon has a new campaign every two weeks with 26 campaigns a year. You are awarded a flat earnings percentage on customer orders done through your website. While you don’t need to have a sale in each campaign, know that if you go four campaigns without placing a $50 order, your status is considered “inactive”.

4) Does Avon charge representatives for campaign brochures?

The Basic Starter Kit will contain at least 10 brochures but this varies from time to time and may include more. Beyond the ones supplied in your kit, additional brochures are ordered in packs of 10. Brochures are available in English and Spanish and the more you buy, the more you save per brochure. 10 brochures cost 64.9¢ each but if you purchase 30 brochures at a time, the cost drops to 38.0¢. And so one.

Avon brochures are the perfect way for you to continue to share the latest fabulous trends and great deals with your customers. Each new glossy brochure is filled with new products, deals and promotions. You should always carry the brochures with you and show it off to your friends, family and network. This will keep the orders coming and building your business.

5) What if a customer wants to pay for their order with a credit card?

Avon provides a toll-free phone number to process credit cards. The system prompts you to verify the credit card number and provides you with an authorization number. You will then supply Avon with the receipt with your account and authorization number and your account will be credited.

6) Will Avon people contact me all the time?

The sales leader assigned to you may contact but I have never found it to be excessive. A district managers job is to keep their representatives informed of new products, sales meetings and to provide support if needed. If there’s something going on, I like to know that there is someone to ask easily. For the most part I have found Avon people to be giving of their time and knowledge. As a sales leader, I am not interested in pressuring people. I firmly believe that if you are motivated to make your business work, only YOU can make it happen. They are the type of people I want on my team.

Just Contact Me if you have other questions! But if you want to get started today, you can sign up online. Go to and complete the information. To be part of my team, you need to input my reference code in the appropriate field: nrago. Once you fill out the contract and pay the $15 fee, a kit will then be shipped directly to you. And then the fun begins!

Nancy Rago
AVON Leadership Representative
District 2079 – Phoenix Division (formerly the Platinum Division)

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