Fragrance Composition for Men

The fragrance industry groups fragrances into categories called families, according to the ingredients and target. Avon describes their categories as fresh and clean, spicy oriental and rich and woody types. Fragrances can have notes from several family as you will see below.

Fragrance goes through three main stages, in which its intensity changes and different elements of its composition emerge. The stages of a fragrances are called top, mid and base notes.

  • TOP NOTES: The top note is the first impression of a fragrance. And because of this, top notes are very important in the selling of a fragrance. Top Notes get your attention right away, make an impression. They are strong, but evaporate quickly. Common top notes: citrus, fruity notes, and green notes.
  • MID NOTES: As top notes gradually fade away, a fragrance intensifies and becomes richer as the mid notes become apparent. Mid Notes appear 10-20 minutes after application and form the heart or body of a fragrance. They give a fragrance its overall character. Common mid notes: florals and spices.
  • BASE NOTES: The base notes give the fragrance its foundation and lastingness, or what fragrance developers call tenacity. Base Notes are noticeable 15 minutes after application and the final scent to emerge from a fragrance. They bring depth and solidness as a fragrance fades. Common base notes: woods, musks, amber and vanilla.

Find the Perfect Men’s Fragrances
Avon has a colognes to suit every style and every personality.

Does he want a scent that’s Fresh and Clean? These are scents that are bright and accented with pure fresh notes. Zesty citrus notes are often described as fresh and clean. Citrus notes enhanced with zesty fresh aromatic notes for added sparkle and top note freshness. Here are some of fresh type of fragrances.

Does he want a scent that’s Spicy Oriental? An oriental fragrance is characterized as warm, sensual, exotic and long lasting. They obtain their richness and sophistication from ingredients such as amber, resin, tobacco, spices, and exotic woods. Here are some of oriental type of fragrances.

  • Mesmerize Cologne Spray. A captivating blend of bergamot and spicy cardamom mixed with sophisticated woody notes.

  • Black Suede Cologne Spray. A rich, smooth scent with sweet mossy tones and spicy accents against a background of amber, woods & musk.
  • Perceive For Men Cologne Spray. Citrus notes of mandarin and grapefruit, grounded with earthy sage, sensual patchouli and calming cedarwood. Fresh, modern and magnetic with our exclusive Mood Enhancing Complex.
  • Avon Luck for Him Eau de Toilette Spray. Avon Luck for Him is a confident and sophisticated fragrance that captivates for hours. Notes of aromatic fresh Mandarin and cool spices blend effortlessly with intoxicating woods for a uniquely modern scent that exudes cool and confidence.

Does he want a scent that’s Rich and Woody? Fragrances in the woody family are based on notes such as sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood and vetiver. These woody notes may be blended with leather notes, spices, or other textures to create a more complete and balanced fragrance. Here are some of woody type of fragrances.

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