This 5 Ingredient Women’s Deodorant is Fantastic at Eliminating Odors

Perfumed Liquid Deodorant

Consider this deodorant because it doesn’t contain chemicals like aluminum or parabens. This fast-drying, anti-stain formula provides long-lasting odor protection. It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or oily like some deodorants do. Perfumed Liquid Deodorant is fragranced with a delicate floral scent. $5.00 SALE $3.29. We know that you always want to look, feel and, of course, smell your best.

Application: The easiest way to apply is with your fingertip or cotton balls. Another alternate way is to put the product in a refillable glass or plastic container. My customers use refillable spray bottles with a cap for purse or travel for easy reapplication. Refillable roll-on bottles are also available.


Did you know? Body odor occurs when the sweat and mixes with the bacteria on your skin. Alcohol disrupts many essential functions for bacteria and prevents its growth.

96% of respondents would recommend this to a friend. Here are a few of the Newest Comments and Reviews:

By Stacy From Colorado — Submitted 24 days ago
5 Stars – Love!

I love this product! I have to admit, I usually don’t wear deodorant. I perspire some but never have an odor. I am very lucky in that department. This product smells great and makes you feel fresh. I pour mine into a tiny spray bottle. Just a few squirts and you’re good to go with easy application. I am so glad I found it on sale because I purchased 4 bottles. Even with $7 shipping, I still spent just around $20. Great deal! Thanks, Avon!

By Cristina L. From Maryland — Submitted 29 days ago
5 Stars – Highly recommend!
I’ve tried many deodorants that claim to last all day, but none lived up to the claim except this one! I sweat easily and, while this is just a deodorant, it seems to reduce perspiration as well. I can apply this deodorant every day and smell just as fresh as I just stepped out of the shower. I’m blown away by this product, and won’t but anything else!

By Kati From Idaho — Submitted 3 months ago
5 Stars – Been using since I was 13 that’s about 30 years! Love it.

Works really well if you have kids with stinky feet. Or anywhere that you were trying to control order. Prevent ingrown hairs when used after shaving.

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