New Men’s Fragrance Categories

We’re simplifying how we organize our fragrances to make it easier to shop.

There are now two scent families (fresh and warm), and each family has a few categories. Check out where our men’s fragrances fit in.


Are you looking for a new scent for the season, a special occasion or simply to suit your mood?

What type of fragrance are you looking for?


men's fresh fragrance category


men's warm fragrance categories


Which category appeals to him? Read these descriptors.

Men's Prime FragranceFRESH & CLEAN – Dynamic scents with cool, watery and refreshing notes.

His perfect FRESH & CLEAN fragrance is Prime!

Plus, these are other great FRESH & CLEAN men’s fragrance options: Perceive, Blue Escape, Avon Exploration, Black Suede Sport.

Men's Wild Country Fragrance

FRESH & AROMATIC – Invigorating scents with earthy, herbal and soothing notes.

Your perfect FRESH & AROMATIC fragrance is Wild Country!

Plus, these are other great FRESH & AROMATIC men’s fragrance options: Alpha, Black Suede.

Avon True Gent FragranceWARM & COMFORTING – Reassuring scents with smooth, woodsy and cozy notes.

Your perfect WARM & COMFORTING fragrance is True Gent!

Plus, this is another great WARM & COMFORTING men’s fragrance option: Black Suede Essential.

Avon Mesmerize Men's FragranceWARM & INTOXICATING – Alluring scents with exciting, spicy and emboldening notes.

Your perfect WARM & INTOXICATING fragrance is Mesmerize!

Plus, this is another great WARM & INTOXICATING men’s fragrance option: Mesmerize Black.

And if you are looking for the competitive men’s fragrance comparison*

  • If you like Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio®, you might like Avon’s FRESH & CLEAN Men’s Fragrance, Prime.
  • If you like Bleu De Chanel®, you might like Avon’s FRESH & AROMATIC Men’s Fragrance, Wild Country.
  • If you like Yves Saint Laurent® L’homme, you might like Avon’s WARM & COMFORTING Men’s Fragrance, True Gent.
  • If you like Gucci Guilty®, you might like Avon’s WARM & INTOXICATING Men’s Fragrance, Mesmerize.

*These are registered trademarks and are the property of their respective owners.

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