Want to Sell Avon? Sign up for $0 (we’re serious!) and start earning and loving.

You can work part-time or full-time, in sweats or stilettos. You can earn money while having fun selling Avon anytime, anywhere – online and in-person.


Sign up for $0 (we’re serious!) and start earning and loving.

  • Coveted products you’ll want to share with everyone
  • Insider discounts, perks and training
  • Get paid fast – just two days
  • Your very own personalized online store to make earning easy!

Remember the time you convinced your best friend to wear red? Got your kids to do the dishes? You have what it takes to sell Avon. Our great products and your unique personality can take you far. Ready to learn how? Share fabulous trends and great deals. Our brochures are the perfect way to keep your customers interested. Every two weeks, we create a brand new one, with its own special new products and promotions. Show the brochure off to your friends and network, share what you love, and take down what products they’d like to buy. Once we get your order, we’ll ship it directly to you. Get the support you deserve, from me your team leader and your friend at Avon!

Avon believes that an empowered woman, like you, is a beautiful woman. I want to make the world around me more beautiful for everyone. I want to show other women how to run a successful beauty business and inspire them to earn the extra money they desire. I look for people with an entrepreneurial drive and are self-motivated. If you are interested in joining my beauty and fashion team, either full- or part-time, I have positions available as an independent sales representatives (currently $0 investment).

AVON independent sales representative can start his or her own AVON business, anywhere in the Contiguous United States. Currently, join for $0 and support a great cause with a $5 or more contribution to the American Cancer Society breast cancer programs — does not include a kit, brochure or samples, but we’ll connect you to all the tools and training you need online. Or you can choose our All the Bestsellers Starter Kit for $30 packed with full-size products and new brochures, a $107 value. Direct selling at AVON means you control your own destiny. You are your own boss. With the support of a $10 billion+ global company, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. There is NO inventory required and AVON provides the most innovative marketing and sales tools available. You will learn face-to-face selling as well as e-commerce.


No-cost sign up to join Avon

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