Easy Contour & Highlight Makeup – Contouring Tutorial for Beginners?

How to Contour & Highlight in 4 Easy Steps

Contouring doesn’t have to be complicated. Watch this tutorial to learn how to perfectly sculpt and highlight your face and bring out your best features with Avon’s new True Color Illuminating and Contour Sticks.

Contouring can seem intimidating, but it’s easy to get the hang of it with a little practice. It’s helpful to have a visual guide handy when you’re starting out, and try to get a feel for your bone structure and the angle of your cheekbones for the best results. With Avon’s True Color Transforming Contour Sticks, it only takes four steps to achieve a sculpted look that you can wear every day:

Step 1: Define and sculpt with the darker shade of the Contour Stick, applying in the hollow of your cheeks and along your jawline.

Step 2: Lift your brows and frame your forehead, applying the lighter shade of the Contour Stick under your brow arches and the darker shade along the sides of your forehead and hairline.

Step 3: Contour and slim your nose, applying the darker shade of the Contour Stick along the sides of your nose at the very top (near the corner of your eyes) and the lighter shade down the bridge of your nose.

Step 4: Illuminate your cheek bones, cupid’s bow, nose, and brow bones using the Avon True Color Illuminating Stick.

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