FRESH FINDS: Home Essentials to Wipe It Up!

cucina essentials

The ultimate clean team for the kitchen and beyond! The daily essentials to defend yourself, and your home, against dust, dirt and grime.

Cucina Essentials Multi Purpose WipesCucina Essentials Multi Purpose WipesCucina Essentials Multi Purpose Wipes


multipurpose wipes for sinks, tables, fridges & non-porous surfaces!

Cucina Essentials Multi Purpose Wipes

Cucina Essentials Multi-Purpose Wipes
Free of bleach and chemical preservatives. Nature-derived formula with citric acid and pomegranate vinegar. Dermatologically tested. Pomegranate scent. Resealable package. 60 sheets, each 7 7⁄8″ L x 5 7⁄8″ H. 321-628
reg. $7.99

Cucina Dish Soap in Lemon VerbenaCucina Dish Soap in Garden Basil

unique scents, biodegradable, and effective formulas

Cucina Essentials Dish Soap
Concentrated gel. Nature-derived formula with stain-removing citric acid and microbubbles.
16.9 fl. oz.
Lemon & Verbena 322-222
Garden Basil 322-218
reg. $8.99
$6.99 each

Cucina Essentials Multi-Purpose Cleaner

nature-derived with baking soda & citric acid

NEW Cucina Essentials Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray
Use in kitchen, bath or anywhere you need a fresh clean! Bleach-free, water-based formula. Light citrus scent. Safe on any non-porous surface! Free of phthalates, formaldehyde, chlorine, parabens and glycol ethers. Recyclable bottle. 16.2 fl. oz. 321-613
reg. $11.99

Set Of 2 Kitchen ClothsSet Of 2 Kitchen Cloths

NEW Set of 2 Kitchen Cloths
Reusable super-absorbent cloths easily mop up spills, dry dishes, clean kitchen countertops and more! Machine wash and dry. Each, 25″ L x 15″ W. 100% cotton terry. 522-468
reg. $14.99
$11.99 the set

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