Fragrance : Perfume : Velvet Sophisticated Yet Sensuous.

Rich with possibilities, indulge in the bold sensuality of Velvet Perfume

Lush, warm and decadent women’s fragrance. Let your feelings unfold.

Discover the exotic and fall in love with Velvet from Avon.

A luxurious blend of fig and pomegranate from the Mediterranean coastline mingle with rose from Bulgaria and velvet patchouli from Java. Each ingredient works in harmony to create a long-lasting fragrance that is simultaneously alluring and addictively feminine. Wear Velvet Eau de Parfum for your next romantic dinner, night out, or spontaneous vacation and let the warm notes of fig and rose carry you through each adventure. The deep burgundy bottle features a unique gold-tipped velvet cap. Available now in 1.7 fl. oz.
Velvet Eau de Parfum

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Velvet Body Lotion

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Velvet Crème Veil Cushion

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Velvet Travel Spray

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Velvet On The Go Fragrance Duo

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Tips to Help Make Perfume Scent Last Longer


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