Cozy Slipper COMFORTS. O Cozy Night.

Slip into comfort

Holiday comfort. Various styles of slippers provide a variety of look, feel, support, and coverage.

Suede Moccasin Slipper

A. Suede Moccasin Slipper
Genuine suede upper with faux-sherpa lining. Suede bow and faux-fur trim. Man-made materials. Imported.
Select a Size: 6 005-074, 7 006-142, 8 006-343, 9 006-635, 10 006-802, 11 006-817. reg. $64.99

Classic Unisex Slipper
His or hers slip-on slippers with faux-suede upper and faux-sherpa lining. Man-made materials. Imported. reg. $22.99
$16.99 each pair

B. Black
Select a Size: S(5-6) 004-226, M(7-8) 004-264, L(9-10) 004-374, XL(11-12) 004-412, XXL(13-14) 004-450

C. Tan
Select a Size: S(5-6) 004-848, M(7-8) 004-829, L(9-10) 004-647, XL(11-12) 004-484, XXL(13-14) 004-465

Holiday Slipper Bootie

LIMITED EDITION Holiday Slipper Bootie
Lurex cable-knit bootie with faux-sherpa lining. Imported. reg. $32.99
$24.99 each pair

Select a Size: S(5-6) 873-025, M(7-8) 881-053, L(9-10) 883-151, XL(11-12) 889-900

Select a Size: S(5-6) 679-175, M(7-8) 340-444, L(9-10) 804-054, XL(11-12) 343-405

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