NEW JEWELRY: say it with jewelry

New Inspirational and Healing Jewelry

Every piece has something to say. Find what speaks to your soul.

Inspirational Strap Watch

NEW Inspirational Strap Watch
32mm diam. goldtone case with “Love Life” on dial. 9″ L khaki-colored strap.
144-553 reg. $33.99
Inspirational Pull Cord Bracelet
NEW Inspirational Pull-Cord Bracelet
CZ accent stone. Adjustable pull cord; one size fits most.
Believe (silvertone) 128-664
Breathe (rose goldtone) 128-076
Love (goldtone) 128-205
reg. $10.99
$8.99 each

stones with meaning

From classic symbols to supposed healing powers, discover the secret of gemstone jewelry.

Sodalite: said to bring balance, harmony and trust into your life with a grounding energy.
Rose Quartz: said to spark forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love
Aventurine: said to open the spirit to confidence, luck and the manifestation of goals.
Amethyst: said to instill feelings of understanding, calmness, trust and grace.

Healing Stone Shaky Necklace

NEW Healing Stone Shaky Necklace
Genuine gemstones with goldtone or silvertone accent charm. 16 1⁄2″ L with 3 1⁄2″ extender. Pendant, 1″ L.
Rose Quartz 146-977
Sodalite 146-685
Amethyst 147-002
reg. $16.99
$12.99 each

Healing Stone Adjustable Bracelet

NEW Healing Stone Adjustable Bracelet
Genuine gemstones with goldtone or silvertone accent charms. Adjustable pull cord; one size fits most. Stone, approx. 3⁄4″ L.
Rose Quartz 145-382
Sodalite 144-902
Aventurine 145-440
Amethyst 145-693
reg. $16.99
$12.99 each

Stud Earring Pack

NEW Stud Earring Pack
Three-piece goldtone or silvertone sets with genuine gemstones. Pierced.
Rose Quartz 144-850
Aventurine 144-883
Sodalite 144-845
Amethyst 144-898
reg. $13.99
$10.99 each set

Healing Stone Ring

NEW Healing Stone Ring
Genuine gemstones with goldtone or silvertone accent charm. Stone, approx. 3⁄4″ L.
Rose Quartz – Select a Size: 6 149-411, 8 149-809, 10 150-335
Sodalite – Select a Size: 6 247-570, 8 251-067, 10 251-071
Amethyst – Select a Size: 6 148-070, 8 148-999, 10 149-407
reg. $15.99
$11.99 each

the power of gemstones

Genuine semi-precious stones. As stone is natural, colors may vary.

Healing Stone Pendant Necklace

NEW Healing Stone Pendant Necklace
Goldtone with genuine semi-precious stones. 24″ L with 3 1⁄2″ extender. Pendant, 2 1⁄2″ L.
Rose Quartz 915-386
Sodalite 915-367
Aventurine 915-390
Grey Agate 915-405
reg. $22.99
$16.99 each


Charming Layered Bracelet

Charming Layered Bracelet
With metal charm and leather-like cord.
XOXO (rose goldtone/purple)913-603
Lock and Key (goldtone/black)913-637
Heart (silvertone/red)913-656
reg. $19.99
$14.99 each

Charming Stacking Ring Set

Charming Stacking Ring Set
Silvertone five-piece ring set.
XOXO – Select a Size: 6 913-933 8 914-212 10 914-428
Heart – Select a Size: 6 914-743 8 914-944 10 914-959
Key – Select a Size: 6 914-432 8 914-600 10 914-633
reg. $16.99
$12.99 each set

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