Calling all pet lovers!

The bond between an owner and their pet is a unique relationship. Check out this new collection of Pet Care Products by Avon. Found in nature, Sirius Groom pet products are made with carefully selected good ingredients. Caring for their needs is a perfect way to show them your love.


Sirius Groom ShampooSirius Groom Shampoo For Dogs

NEW Sirius Groom Shampoo for Dogs
Sirius Groom Shampoo for Dogs alleviate itchiness and dryness by washing away allergens. 16.2 fl. oz. Reg. $14.99.

Baby Powder 247-493
Lovely Berry 247-436


Sirius GroomSirius Groom S Sirius Groom Pet Bath Massager

NEW Sirius Groom Pet Bath Massager
Gently massages shampoo or conditioner while penetrating deep into the coat. Easy-to-grasp strap fits any hand size. Made from a durable, waterproof material that offers superior performance. TPR. 4 7⁄8″ L x 3 1⁄4″ W x 1″ H. Imported. 159-810 reg. $6.99

$4.99 each

Sirius Groom Odor EliminatorSirius Groom Odor Eliminator

NEW Sirius Groom Pet Odor Eliminator
Removes the toughest pet odors from fabrics and carpets. Leaves a light and fresh baby powder scent. Nature-derived ingredients including rice and barley to neutralize and absorb odors. For fabric and carpet use only, do not spray on pets. 13.5 fl. oz. 247-565 reg. $12.99


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