Paying homage to the signature Rare family of fragrances, our new intense variations have potent precious ingredients and a longer wear time for a luxe feel that lasts.

Rare Platinum Intense Eau de Parfum

Rare Intense Q&A

The perfume oils are highly concentrated. The scents are infused with more potent, high-quality ingredients with increased longevity to help the fragrance last from day to night.

The new Rare Intense collection was created with loyal Rare customers in mind, who love the romantic and dreamy notes from our original Rare Brand scents. We expanded upon our Rare Brand family to offer current customers as well as new customers an elevated sensorial experience with more potent ingredient blends and concentrated oils.

The Rare Intense collection has ties to the original scents, but also features enhanced precious ingredients. You will be reminded of their favorite Rare originals, while also building your fragrance wardrobe with these new luxurious scents.

People wear fragrances to boost their self-esteem, suit their mood or because of how it makes them feel. Our Rare Intense collection inspires sophistication and confidence and evokes an of-the-moment, modern sensibility.

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Based on your needs and wants, I might be able to offer your the fragrance experience you want. Use this Women’s Fragrance Chart to help choose fragrances that fit your needs. Some fragrances also have a matching Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Deodorant. Do you know the importance of layering to help create a longer-lasting experience? This can make your Perfume last longer and more noticeable. And if the choice is right for you, you can start to build a ‘fragrance wardrobe”.

Avon Women Fragrance Categories

We’ve simplified how we organize our fragrances to make it easier to shop. There are two scent families (fresh and warm), and each family has three categories.

  • FRESH & SWEETFruity scents with bright, sparkling and crisp notes
  • FRESH & VIBRANTFruity floral scents with exciting, lush and liberating notes
  • FRESH & CLEAN  — Fresh floral scents with dewy, elegant and pure notes
  • WARM & DREAMYWarm floral scents with flowing, silky and romantic notes
  • WARM & INDULGENTWarm scents with decadent, sensual and smooth notes
  • WARM & EXOTIC  — Warm scents with enticing, emboldening and sophisticated notes

Check out where some of the popular Avon Women’s Fragrances fit in.

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