Avon USA C24 2021 Holiday Book: CALMING & COMFORTING


Delicately scented, plant-based cleanser moisturizes skin, leaving it beautifully soft and lightly fragranced.

Avon Bath and Shower

new lavender scent (coconut is also available)

Veilment Care Soothing & Relaxing Lavender Bar Soap NEW Veilment Care Soothing & Relaxing Bar Soap
Light, fresh botanical and floral scent. Enriched with comforting lavender oil extract to help calm and soothe. Free from parabens and phthalates. Each, 4.9 oz. net wt. 059-937 reg. $8

$6.49 pack of 3

Veilment Care Moisturizing Bar Soap Veilment Care Moisturizing Bar Soap
Derived from olive oil and infused with coconut oil. 2.8 oz. net wt. 609-360 reg. $2.50


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