Show off your charm in cotton-candy colors

NEW Symbols of Spring Jewelry Collection – Charming pieces with sparkling accents.

Symbols of Spring Collection

Symbols Of Spring Necklace And Ring Set

NEW Necklace and Ring Set
Chain, 16 1⁄2″ L with 3 1⁄2″ extender. Pendant, 3⁄4″ L. Ring charm, 1⁄2″ L. Order by ring size. reg. $16.99

Butterfly (pink/rose goldtone)
6 011-387
8 011-410
10 011-554

Flower (blue/ silvertone)
6 012-330
8 012-804
10 013-777

Clover (green/ goldtone)
6 011-702
8 011-922
10 012-125

$32.99 each

Symbols Of Spring Stretch Bracelet

NEW Stretch Bracelet
One size fits most. Charm, 1⁄2″ L. reg. $16.99

Butterfly (purple/rose goldtone) 309-021
Flower (blue/ silvertone) 308-609
Clover (green/ goldtone) 308-503

$32.99 each

colored plastic case and band

Symbols Of Spring Watch

NEW Watch
8 3⁄4″ L with 30mm diam. case. reg. $42.99

Butterfly (purple/rose goldtone dial) 013-781
Flower (blue/silvertone dial) 013-834
Clover (green/goldtone dial) 013-800

$32.99 each

6-pair earrings pack

Symbols Of Spring Earring Pack

NEW Earrings Pack
Six-pair pack with assorted metals and stud colors. Hoops, 1⁄2″ diam; studs, 1⁄4″ diam. Pierced. 308-389 reg. $16.99

$12.99 the pack

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