NEW Playtex® Secrets® Perfectly Smooth® Underwire Bra (US4747)

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Playtex Perfectly Smooth Underwire US4747

Two-ply underwire cups, light foam padding. Smooths side and back bulges. TruSUPPORT ® design provides higher sides for coverage, fuller cups for natural shape, wider straps for all-day ease and smoother back for stability. Nylon/ spandex/polyester/ cotton. Hand wash, line dry. Imported. Sizes: 36-42B; 36-44C,D, DD; 36-42DDD (all colors) reg. $46

NUDE STRIPE (Shown: Nude Stripe)


Playtex ® is a registered trademark used under license.



1. Measure Band Size
Take a snug measurement around your rib cage, below your bust and shoulder blades. Then add 4 inches. If you get an odd number (like 35), round up to one (to 36).

2. Measure Bust Size
With a bra on and clothes off, measure around the fullest part of your bust.

3. Determine Cup Size
Compare bust measurement to band measurement. Subtract the band measurement (Step 1) from the bust measurement (Step 2). Then use the chart below to determine your cup size.



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  1. Do your bra straps cut into your shoulders? If so, you may be over-tightening the straps. Loosen them to relieve the strain.
  2. What is the advantage of an underwire? Underwires help relieve shoulder stress from bra straps by adding support below the breast. Underwires also provide shaping, for an attractive lift and look.
  3. Does your bust spill out over the top of your bra or bulge under the cups? If so, your bra cups are too small; go up one cup size (but be sure to keep the same band size).
  4. Do you have wrinkles in your cups at the top or sides? Then your bust is not filling out the cup properly; try a smaller cup size.
  5. Is your underwire uncomfortable? The underwire should gently surround your bust and should not pinch or poke. If it does, try a larger cup size.
  6. Does the back of your bra ride up higher than the front? If so, your band is too loose, you should tighten the band and loosen the straps. If that doesn’t help, you should try a smaller band size. Remember the lower the back of the bra fits, the more support you get.
  7. How do you prevent your bust line from sagging? Try shortening the straps; if your bust line still sags you may need a smaller cup size or try a firm support style with rigid straps.
  8. Does the band of your bra dig in? A bra that fits correctly should be snug but not tight. Try a larger band size or a bra with a wider band.
  9. What if one of my breasts is larger than the other? This is a common problem among women. Always fit the larger breast. Choose styles with stretch fabric in the cups or padded cups. You can also adjust the strap of the larger breast looser than the strap of the smaller breast.
  10. What is the best way to put on shapewear? Gather the garment from the legs to the waist. Step into the legs and pull up. When the bottom is seated correctly, unroll the garment over the torso.
  11. How often should you be fitted for a bra? You should be fit for a bra at least once a year. You should also be fit if you gain or lose weight, during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause and if you begin an exercise program.
  12. How should you care for your bras? Do use a gentle detergent, and wash in cold water. Do fasten the hooks, and use the lingerie wash bag. Do store bras properly — fold them I half with one cup inside the other, or stack them in a row. Don’t put in the dryer.
  13. When should you replace your bras? When the color changes: White bras will turn gray, dark colors start to fade. When the fabric stretches out: Band may not feel as tight as it used to, and it may ride up in the back. Straps may slip off your shoulders even after adjusting. When the fabric looks worn: You risk getting jabbed by the underwire, and once the fabric starts getting threadbare, your chances for show-through increases. When it’s too tight or too loose: Your bra may be in perfectly good shape but maybe your figure has changed due to weight loss, childbirth, or surgery.


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3 Pack Panty Brief Set


NEW! 3-Pack Panty Brief Set
Pack of 3 full-coverage briefs includes purple, stripe and polka dot with bow detail on front. Polyester. Machine wash and dry. Imported.
XS(0-2) 077-647
S(4-6) 077-704
M(8-10) 077-757
L(12-14) 077-829
XL(16) 077-833
1X(18W-20W) 077-848
2X(22W-24W) 077-852
3X(26W-28W) 078-074
reg. $23.99

$17.99 the pack

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