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Vivid Desires Come to Life (VDL)

For dreamers and glow-getters. VDL is for the fearless. Radiant skin-enhancing primers with Lumilayer Prismatic Pearls capture and reflect light to create that coveted luminous look. It pushes the limits to create a sensual and radiant makeup world.


VDL’s violet light energy from Lumilayer Prismatic Pearls creates the insta-famous reflective Glass Skin effect for that coveted luminous look.


VDL Lumilayer PrimerVDL Lumilayer Primer

Lumilayer Primer
Violet Lumilayer pigment visibly brightens, plumps and sculpts skin for added dimension and volume. Visibly blurs pores and enhances the wear of foundation, providing a long lasting silky texture. Can be worn alone, under foundation or as a sheer highlighter. 1 fl. oz. 680-911 reg. $40




VDL Lumilayer Metal Cushion PrimerVDL Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer

Metal Cushion Primer
Easy dosage design. Infused with skin-brightening vitamin C and niacinamide. Blurs pores, highlights, primes and perfects skin. Includes cushion refill and two applicators. Each cushion, .52 oz. net wt. 681-721
reg. $50




VDL Lumilayer Primer FreshVDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh

Primer Fresh
Over 70% moisturizing essence for deep hydration and smooth skin. Sparkling blend of pearls that absorb and reflect light to create a warm, radiant glow. 1 fl. oz. 681-239 reg. $40


Radiant skin-enhancing primers that capture and reflect light to instantly create refined and perfected skin with a soft, luminescent glow.


VDL Satin Veil PrimerVDL Satin Veil Primer

Satin Veil Primer
Soft-veiling polymers instantly blur pores and fine lines. Staves off shine. Infused with prune water to replenish skin with intensified hydration and rose enfleurage oil to improve skin’s elasticity and texture over time. 1 fl. oz. 681-793 reg. $40


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