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For gorgeous, cashmere-soft skin, start with our new fmg Cashmere foundation.

Then, luxe up lips and eyes with fmg Cashmere favorites! I’ll show you how!

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fmg Cashmere Complexion

Nourishing and exquisite, indulge in the luxury of Cashmere Cushion Foundation. apply yourself

After skin care and primer, use sponge puff applicator and press into cushion to pick up foundation. Then pat onto center of face and blend outward to perfect.

fmg Cashmere Cushion Foundation

NEW fmg Cashmere Cushion Foundation

Enriched with soothing calendula extract, moisturizing squalane and skin-brightening niacinamide. Lightweight, breathable formula applies evenly, helping to cover the look of imperfections with buildable velvety soft-matte color. Light-to-medium coverage. Includes sponge puff applicator. Free from parabens, phthalates and fragrance. .42 oz. net wt. reg. $27

Product Chart: fmg Cashmere Shade Finder Guide.


Available in Cool (C), Neutral (N) and Warm (W) undertones.

C215 485-481
C225 485-701
N225 485-496
N235 485-500
N245 487-264
N255 488-734
N265 488-878
N275 489-051
W215 485-424
W225 485-439
W235 485-716
W245 486-784
W255 488-639
W265 488-749
W275 488-863
W285 488-882


Good Housekeeping Magazine 2021 Beauty Award Winner.

fmg Cashmere 24 Hour Liquid Foundation

fmg Cashmere 24 Hour Foundation

24 hours of comfortable, breathable wear. Full, flexible coverage. Soft-focus matte finish. Visibly blurs pores and fine lines for a smoother complexion. Water-resistant. Vegan. 1 fl. oz. reg. $32


Available in Cool (C), Neutral (N), Warm (W) and Warm Olive (WO) undertones.

Cannoli (W) 123-734
Custard (N) 131-906
Chai (WO) 136-559
Muffin (W) 142-307
Hazelnut (W) 147-495
Java (W) 149-722
Coconut (W) 136-468
Tiramisu (W) 137-278
Latte (W) 147-480
Clove (N) 149-756
Meringue (W) 126-202
Buttercream (N) 131-834
Macadamia (W) 136-525
Toasty (N) 139-027
Pudding (N) 146-097
Shortcake (C) 128-573
Ganache (WO) 136-889
Praline (N) 141-406
Amaretto (N) 146-188
Nougat (W) 126-107
Strudel (C) 133-660
Vanilla (W) 142-254
Gingerbread (C) 142-311
Cognac (W) 147-681
Marshmallow (N) 131-849
Cappuccino (N) 136-893
Soufflé (N) 139-730
Brownie (WO) 147-461
Pecan (N) 149-699
Truffle (C) 150-263

apply yourself

Apply foundation in your shade and blend with the Complexion Blending Brush. With the Blush & Contour Brush, apply foundation two shades darker under cheeks to contour. Give a quick sweep of Cashmere Powder with the Kabuki Brush to set.

fmg Blush & Contour Brush

fmg Blush & Contour Brush

7 1⁄4″ L. 933-259 reg. $20


fmg Kabuki Brush

fmg Kabuki Brush

Retractable. 3 3⁄4″ L x 1″ diam. 732-370 reg. $16


fmg Complexion Blending Brush

fmg Complexion Blending Brush

6 1⁄2″ L. 933-210 reg. $21


fmg Cashmere Complexion Compact Powder Foundation

fmg Cashmere Compact Powder Foundation

2-in-1 powder can be worn wet or dry. Buildable medium-to-full coverage. Soft-focus matte finish. Includes mirror compact and sponge. .40 oz. net wt. reg. $36


Available in Cool (C), Neutral (N )and Warm (W) undertones.

N160 (N) 112-248
C120 (C) 112-286
N150 (N) 111-658
W180 (W) 112-229
N140 (N) 111-605
W170 (W) 111-610
W160 (W) 111-533
N130 (N) 111-548
W140 (W) 111-514
W150 (W) 111-438
N120 (N) 111-370
W130 (W) 111-423
W120 (W) 111-309
C110 (C) 111-313
N110 (N) 107-830
W110 (W) 111-294

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apply yourself

Apply your shade of Cashmere 24 Hour Brow Pomade with angled end of the Precision Eye Brush. Dot Cashmere 24 Hour Concealer under the brow. Blend using the pointed pencil-brush end of the Precision Eye Brush.

fmg Cashmere 24 Hour Concealer

fmg Cashmere 24 Hour Concealer

24 hours of comfortable wear. Full coverage. Soft-focus matte finish. Visibly corrects dark circles and imperfections. With antioxidant botanical extracts. Water-resistant. .20 fl. oz. reg. $22


Available in Cool (C), Neutral (N), Warm (W) and Warm Olive (WO) undertones.

Sugar (W) 109-484
Mochi (N) 110-761
Cheesecake (C) 112-176
Parfait (W) 113-058
Macaroon (N) 113-081
Tart (WO) 115-012
Butterscotch (W) 115-156
Waffle (W) 115-869
Biscuit (WO) 116-650
Tres Leches (N) 119-424
Toffee (W) 123-662
Cupcake (N) 123-715

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Dr. Groot Microbiome is your solution to thinning hair. Infused with para-probiotics and prebiotics, these formulas help restore your scalp’s invisible microbiome shield of healthy flora for healthier scalp and hair.

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