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shimmering body mist

Luxurious, lightweight formula provides a radiant glow as it envelops you in scent that lingers throughout the day.

Shimmering Body Mist

NEW Shimmering Body Mist

Each, 3.25 fl. oz. reg. $20, $15.99 each

Rare Pearls Shimmering Body Mist

Rare Pearls
soft floral
Shimmering magnolia, white pepper and creamy rosewood. 618-911

Far Away Shimmering Body Mist

Far Away
amber floral
Freesia, sheer jasmine and enticing amber. 618-945

shimmering body mist 101

Shimmering Body Mist and Hair & Body Mist…What’s the Difference? A Shimmering Body Mist accentuates the eau de parfum, enveloping you in your favorite scent that lingers throughout the day. It also leaves your skin with a soft radiant glow.

A Hair & Body Mist is perfect for a refreshing lift throughout the day (think after the gym, work, etc.). It’s specially formulated with featherlight micro-conditioners that won’t weigh your hair down.

Far Away Gold Eau de ParfumRare Pearls Eau de Parfum

To my Far Away and Rare Pearls customers, the Shimmering Body Mist will not only enhance and extend the scent, but also adds a radiant shimmer. It is perfect glow-worthy holiday accessory, or a must for date night, weekend get-togethers, etc.

How to Apply the Shimmering Body Mist: Spritz all over after applying your Far Away or Rare Pearls eau de parfum to enhance the fragrance and add a subtle glow to skin.


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Avon Fragrance

As a leading manufacturer of perfume globally, Avon’s best selling fragrance brands allow you to express yourself freely with fragrances for women and fragrances for men. Avon has been able to bring consumers worldwide prestigious celebrity scents, including the award-winning Outspoken and Outspoken Intense by Fergie, as well as fragrances through special partnerships with international design houses. Discover the best selling Avon fragrances at the lowest prices and shop online.

Women’s Fragrances begin with the type of fragrance are you looking for. The Classic Collection that brings the US market Avon’s best-selling perfumes for the last 60 years, including Timeless (launched in 1974), Odyssey (launched in 1981), Candid (launched in 1977), Sweet Honesty (launched in 1973), Night Magic (launched in 1980), and Topaze (launched in 1959). Enjoy the Imari perfume experiences of Imari Eau de Toilette, a warm & exotic scent of Italian bergamot, tempting jasmine and amber; Imari Amor, a warm & dreamy; and Imari Seduction, a warm & indulgent women’s perfume. Ginza Stefany is a fragrance collection that explores the story of our steadfast lovers and the power of their eternal love. LYRD is a brand we created to represent fragrances crafted by the best perfumers and the best ingredients of exquisite, trending notes layered together to create unique scents. The Far Away family of fragrances bring out your wanderlust and is our best selling fragrance. Millions of women around the world consider it their glamorous signature scent. The family includes Far Away Original, a unique floral fragrance blends exotic florals spiced with amber and musk; Far Away Gold, a warm scent with enticing, emboldening, and sophisticated notes; Far Away Infinity, a sweet and luminous escape, filled with infinite possibilities; and Far Away Infinity Intense, with potent precious ingredients and a longer wear time for a luxe feel that lasts. The signature Haiku brand family of fragrances includes the fresh floral scents of Haiku Original, Haiku Kyoto Flower, Haiku Sacred, and Haiku Reflection. And with every spritz of Today scent, you get fresh, clean notes that awakens your heart.

Avon is one of the oldest fragrance houses in the world, beginning as the California Perfume Company in 1886. Avon began creating men’s fragrances in 1949. Men can find the effortless cool Black Suede, a seductive, masculine scent beloved by men around the world. It’s a classic blend of woods and greens, made irresistible with the modern feel of leather, Mesmerize, a warm & intoxicating men’s fragrance pick (and women like it, too!) of bergamot, spicy cardamom and amber. And the Wild Country men’s scent to capture your untamed spirit with a rugged blend of fresh and aromatic notes. Reign in your confident style, then let it loose with this crowd-favorite men’s fragrance.

Many of Avon’s Fragrances extend to personal care products like Shower Gels, Body Lotions, perfumes in convenient Travel Sizes, Hair & Body Sprays, Deodorants, Home Fragrances like candles and diffuser scents. And for men, grooming products to enhance your grooming routine.

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