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Sirius Groom Pet Grooming MistSirius Groom Pet Grooming Mist

Sirius Groom Pet Grooming Mist
Softens, soothes and hydrates your pet’s skin and coat for instant freshness. Perfect for in-between washes. Moisturizing formula with centella asiatica, rosemary, oatmeal and pro-vitamin B5. Long-lasting baby powder scent. Gentle and effective for all breeds. 5 fl. oz. 758-794 reg. $12.99


FREE Cucina Essentials Multi-Purpose Wipes* With select two home and pet care purchases. Shop Now

FREE Cucina Essentials Multi-Purpose Wipes* With select two home and pet care purchases. Shop Now

Sirius Groom Shampoo For DogsSirius Groom Shampoo For Dogs

Sirius Groom Shampoo for Dogs
Alleviates itchiness and dryness by washing away allergens. Anti-inflammatory oatmeal protects and soothes skin. pH-balanced formula. Long-lasting scents. Nature-derived ingredients. 16.2 fl. oz. reg. $14.99

Baby Powder 247-493
Lovely Berry 247-436

$11.99 each

Sirius Groom Conditioner for DogsSirius Groom Conditioner for Dogs

Sirius Groom Conditioner for Dogs
Rinse-off conditioner leaves coat soft and shiny. Soothes, hydrates and helps to alleviate itchiness. With aloe vera, vitamin E and oatmeal extract. Free from sulfates, colorants and silicones. Cruelty-free. 16.2 fl. oz. reg. $14.99

Baby Powder 545-954
Lovely Berry 545-940

$11.99 each

Sirius Groom Odor EliminatorSirius Groom Odor Eliminator


Sirius Groom Pet Odor Eliminator for Upholstery & Fabrics
Nature-derived rice and barley to absorb and neutralize odors. Light baby powder scent. For fabric and carpet use only, do not spray on pets. 13.5 fl. oz. 247-565 reg. $12.99


FREE Cucina Essentials Multi-Purpose Wipes* With select two home and pet care purchases. Shop Now

FREE Cucina Essentials Multi-Purpose Wipes* With select two home and pet care purchases. Shop Now

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