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Bring out your inner wanderlust

The Far Away family of fragrances bring out your wanderlust and is our best selling fragrance. Millions of women around the world consider it their glamorous signature scent.

Far Away Fragrances from Avon

The renowned Far Away Brand is Avon’s number one female fragrance brand globally; 27 bottles are sold every minute and expanding this popular range will help open up Avon’s brand by building market share and unlocking growth.

Far Away Eau de Parfum Spray

The family includes Far Away Original, a unique floral fragrance blends exotic florals spiced with amber and musk;

Rare Gold Eau de Parfum

Far Away Gold, a warm scent with enticing, emboldening, and sophisticated notes;

Far Away Infinity Eau de Parfum

our Far Away Infinity perfume for women is a utopia of fragrances with notes of Italian bergamot, Indian jasmine & vanilla. Far Away Infinity, a sweet and luminous escape, filled with infinite possibilities.;

Far Away Infinity Intense Eau de Parfum

and Far Away Infinity Intense, with potent precious ingredients and a longer wear time for a luxe feel that lasts.

As a leading manufacturer of perfume globally, Avon’s best selling fragrance brands allow you to express yourself freely with fragrances for women and fragrances for men. Avon has been able to bring consumers worldwide prestigious celebrity scents, including the award-winning Outspoken and Outspoken Intense by Fergie, as well as fragrances through special partnerships with international design houses. Discover the best selling Avon fragrances at the lowest prices and shop online.

“It’s a new era for fragrance,” Tatiana Piccolo, Global Vice President Fragrance at Avon explains. “Brand and image drive quality perception and our attention to quality has meant we have many successful brands, including Far Away, and huge loyalty globally.

Avon is one of the oldest fragrance houses in the world, beginning as the California Perfume Company in 1886. We have stood the test of time and now we are driving for growth and ensuring that our future is sustainable…It is a testament to the quality of Avon’s perfumes that we have remained at the top for so long, in an industry that launches 1,000 new fragrances a year, not to mention proudly owning a brand like Far Away that is still in growth 25 years after launch.”

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