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Set in genuine .925 sterling silver

Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection

NEW Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection

CZ stones set in genuine sterling silver.

Sterling Silver CZ Accent Cross Necklace

CZ Accent Cross Necklace
17″ L with 1″ extender. Pendant, 11 ⁄4″ L. 869-686 reg. $74.99


Sterling Silver CZ Circle Necklace

CZ Circle Necklace
17″ L with 1″ extender. Pendant, 1⁄2″ diam. 869-671 reg. $69.99


Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring
1.5-carat weight equivalent.
5 868-527
6 868-531
7 868-751
8 869-160
9 869-189
10 869-360
reg. $64.99


Sterling Silver Wedding Band

Wedding Band
5 869-413
8 869-600
6 869-451
9 869-652
7 869-490
10 869-667
reg. $49.99


Sterling Silver Mystic Topaz

NEW Sterling Silver Mystic Topaz Jewelry Collection

Mystic topaz-colored stones set in sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Mystic Topaz Ring

1⁄4″ L, 1.25-carat weight equivalent.
10 285-394
reg. $74.99


Sterling Silver Mystic Topaz Pendant Necklace

Pendant Necklace
17″ L with 1″ extender. Pendant, 1⁄2″ L, 1.25-carat weight equivalent. 276-886 reg. $74.99


Sterling Silver Mystic Topaz Earrings

1⁄2″ L, 1-carat total weight equivalent. 276-890 reg. $69.99




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FINE JEWELRY: QUALITY TIME FOR HIM, watches with a stylistic edge

From the Boussivie collection of watches. Always timely and forever of the moment.

Men's Multi Color Watch

NEW Men’s Multicolor Watch

Brown genuine leather strap with blue sunray dial. 10” L with 42mm X 49mm diam. case. 899-229 reg. $58.99 $44.99

Celebrate forever with a stainless steel wedding bands.

His and Her Wedding Bands

NEW His Wedding Band

5mm W band. Select a Size: 9 898-423 10 898-438 11 898-901 12 898-916 13 899-051 reg. $32.99 $24.99

NEW Hers Wedding Band

4mm W band with CZ stone. Select a Size: 5 898-165 6 898-370 7 898-385 8 898-390 9 898-404 10 898-419 reg. $32.99 $24.99

Celtic-knot-inspired design.

Men's Emblem Ring

NEW Emblem Ring

Stainless steel round coin ring with black antique. 3⁄4″ L. Select a Size: 9 899-119 10 899-123 11 899-142 12 899-176 13 899-195 reg. $44.99 $34.99  

Men’s Fine Jewelry Collection With hematite accents.

Men's Hematite Chain Necklace

NEW Hematite Chain Necklace

24″ L wheat chain with hematite plating. 899-070 reg. $24.99 $19.99

Stainless steel beads lend a modern touch to a classic leather bracelet.

Men's Hematite & Leather Bracelet

NEW Hematite Bracelet

9″ L dark-brown bracelet with stainless steel bead accents. 899-090 reg. $49.99 $39.99

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