Watch Video about Research and Development at Avon Products Inc.

Go behind the scenes of Avon’s Global Research & Development Facility in Suffern, NY

The heart of Avon’s innovation is the Global R&D Center located in upstate New York. The state-of-the-art, 225,000-square-foot facility is where 350 scientists and technicians focus on creating products that are some of the most advanced in the world. These creators of beauty take a multi-disciplined approach in developing fragrances, makeup, skincare and hair-care products that are high-tech, high-quality and highly appealing to consumers around the world. Avon has seven global satellite R&D facilities, including the newly opened center in Shanghai, which is Avon’s largest R&D facility outside the United States.

When evaluating a new cosmetic or personal care product, the scientists of Avon’s Product Safety and Integrity team based in Suffern, N.Y. (U.S) conduct a thorough evaluation to determine safe and effective ingredients as well as the appropriate concentrations of every ingredient. The safety evaluation process includes the following steps:

  • Every ingredient must undergo a careful review of available safety information, including scientific literature by toxicologists, before it is considered for use in a product formulation.
  • A review of ingredients used in previously approved products is also conducted. Avon maintains a comprehensive database of product information to assist with this process.
  • All products are carefully formulated (e.g., through the use of effective preservative systems) to ensure that they present no risk of contamination by micro-organisms. Each production batch must be tested and must meet stringent product specifications as part of routine manufacturing quality assurance procedures.
  • Product safety substantiation includes assessment of skin compatibility, including determination that the final product formulation will not cause irritation.
  • Clinical testing is conducted to confirm skin compatibility (mildness) and to substantiate product clinical claims.
  • All finished products must comply with applicable cosmetic and/or other (e.g., drug) regulations, including those governing product composition (e.g., ingredient restrictions, volatile organic compound (VOC) content, etc.) and special packaging requirements (e.g., child-resistant packaging for certain products.
  • Avon scientists participate in industry-wide and professional scientific organizations to access and evaluate the latest information to ensure the continued safe use of individual ingredients.
  • In addition to internal safety reviews, Avon consults with independent, recognized experts in relevant scientific fields on specific questions related to ingredient and product safety.

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