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Watch Video AVON’s online exclusive at-home spa line PLANET SPA Amazonian Treasures. Discover Brazilian acai and berries extracts and make them a part of your daily summer SPA rituals. Sooth the skin of feet after a long walk on warm sand, keep your tan for longer with a creamy scrub, moisturize your skin and hair after long sunbathing.

New PLANET SPA Amazonina Tresures available at AVON

Avon PLANET SPA Blissfully Nourishing Collection

Blissfully Nourishing Collection was inspired by the indulgent emollient richness of shea butter and the warmth of Africa. Shea butter is obtained from the seeds of the Shea tree which is grown in western Africa. Shea butter’s emollient goodness comes from a combination of triglycerides making it the perfect treat to pamper skin.

Avon PLANET SPA Perfectly Purifying Collection

Perfectly Purifying Collection was inspired by the Dead Sea. Due to the high concentration of salt, Dead Sea water boasts exceptionally rich black mud on its shores. A key component of our Perfectly Purifying Collection, the mineral composition of Dead Sea water makes it the perfect spa escape.

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