How to Become an Avon Representative

How to Become an Avon Representative

Start your dream gig in just a few steps!

Part-time or full-time, in sweats or stilettos, sell Avon anytime, anywhere—online or in-person.
It only takes a few minutes to join and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Tell us about you. We just need a few details like your name and email address to get started.
  2. Fall in love with top-trending beauty and share out your free personal online store link.
  3. Start selling, score special extras, and get on the path to big earnings!

Ready to start earning?

Become an Avon Representative!

We Give You Everything You Need to Succeed

  • Tools to Manage Your Business 24/7
    Personalize your free online store, then text, email and share the link on social with friends and family for instant sales. Plus, you can sell anywhere and anytime with our mobile app.
  • Tips and Tricks to Network Like a Pro
    Explore dedicated training in AVON U to learn about the products, how to make the most of your digital store and promote your beauty business.
  • Amazing Avon Representative Benefits
    Get access to exclusive Avon Perks including special offers for affordable health insurance for you and your family, tuition discounts for online higher education, and more.
  • Special Gifts as an Avon Representative
    Place your first order as a Representative and we’ll send you a free full-size gift! Plus, you’ll also get a $10 credit for your next order.
  • Earning Opportunities with Avon
    Earn up to $3,300* in your first 8 campaigns (Avon’s two-week selling period is one campaign) through the Pathway to Premier program and lock in 30% Beauty earnings. As your business grows, you can even score trips with friends to fabulous destinations like Maui, Los Cabos, and Cap Cana!

Want to get started?

Become an Avon Representative!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to start selling Avon?
    Right now you can become a Representative and start selling immediately by signing up for FREE or making a $5+ contribution to the American Cancer Society, or by signing up for $30 and picking a special starter collection packed with $112+ worth of top products (your choice of a belif, best seller, or color set!). Your sign-up comes with a free online store to help you start strong as well as access to Avon Perks, a discount program for Avon Representatives with loads of exclusive offers on health insurance, tuition discounts, and more. Plus, you can earn up to 65% in sales and bonuses when you achieve maximum sales targets in the Pathway to Premier program!
  • What do I get with the Avon sign-up? What do I need to get started?
    You get a full-on instant business with easy-to-use tools and support to help you crush your goals. You’ll have your own free online store that customers can shop 24/7, access to special perks, and so much more!
  • I have never done this before. How will Avon support me and my success?
    Take advantage of our free, best-in-class AVON U training for learning on the go, check in with your Team Leader who is dedicated to supporting your success, reach out to Avon Care Center Specialists with questions, and tap into our growing network of Avon Representatives for invaluable advice.
  • How do I find new customers?
    Start by reaching out to your network and let them know you’ve just started with Avon! Personalize your free online store, then send your link and exclusive offers to those who may be interested. Post about your own experience with the products and share why you love them on your social channels to spread the word. Be sure to let potential new customers know about our Avon Live Shopping events and monthly sweepstakes, too.
  • How do I get paid by Avon?
    Getting paid is simple!
    1. Place an order on behalf of your customer in your back office, and you’ll earn the difference between the discounted amount you pay and the full price your customer pays.
    2. Once you receive an order from your online store, you’ll be prompted to set up your Avon Wallet to get earnings soon!
  • Do I have to place orders each month with Avon? Is there a minimum order amount?
    There are no minimums. However, we know that successful Representatives share their free personalized online store every campaign, and they see more sales and earnings because they share products and promote their business regularly!

*All new Representatives earned an average of $112 over their first 8 campaigns, but those who participated in Pathway to Premier earned an average of $390 over their first 8 campaigns, based on those who started in Campaigns 5 through 19, 2020 (exclusive of signup and shipping costs).

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