@YouTube Video: Avon Gives Back to Feed the Children

The Beauty of Giving

Since 2004, Avon has partnered with Feed the Children, an organization that works to improve nutrition, hygiene, and education in vulnerable communities around the world. Over the last seventeen years, Avon has donated over 17 million pounds of personal care, hygiene and beauty products, clothing, shoes, and home essentials to families in need. In that time, we’ve empowered and impacted nearly 1 million families and 4.4 million women and girls in the United States. The Feed the Children x Avon Box is delivered to women and their families year round and an emergency response to disasters. As a result of the delivery of this box, we hear stories of improved self-confidence and empowerment. This box really became critical to women and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re on a Mission

Today, contributing to a variety of organizations is still at the core of Avon. The fight against breast cancer has become a huge pillar of Avon’s mission. Since 1992, Avon has contributed more than $800 million to breast cancer causes, educated 180 million women about this disease, and funded breast health screenings for nearly 20 million women. Avon Representatives have raised hundreds of millions of dollars through sales of special products and personal participation in walks, runs and other events. Avon has teamed up with the American Cancer Society to attack cancer from every angle. Join Avon in our fight against breast cancer because united, we can do more. Find a Local Event. Avon will contribute 15% of the sales prices of Pink Hope fundraising products to the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.* Shop the Cause.

Avon is also proud to partner with Gyrl Wonder, a professional pipeline initiative giving rise to ambitious young women of color between the ages of seventeen and twenty-two. Similar to Avon’s promoting and inspiring female entrepreneurship through the opportunity to build businesses for hundreds of thousands of Representatives, Gyrl Wonder equips the young woman who has found her passion with the toolkit necessary to turn her interests into a career.

Avon’s Woman-to-Woman Support

Unique to Avon is our network of Representatives combined with the company’s capacity to educate, engage and mobilize. By joining the Passionately Avon Team, you can help be part of the powerful grassroots movement that reaches across continents and time zones to raise awareness and funds for issues of health, safety and well-being that are important to women.

Avon designed fundraising programs so I can donate a percentage of sales from my store to an organization of my choice. As your Avon Fundraising Specialist, I can help put together an easy fund raiser with Avon for your worthy organizations and help you get a quick cash boost in as little as three weeks. I do not earn commission on these purchases. Fundraising is another way for me to support our Corporate Responsibility efforts. Avon is committed to making the world more beautiful through our products, our people, and our philanthropy.

*The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service.

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